Jul 15, 2017

Repurpose Reuse Recycle - but in a cute way.....

Re-purpose Re-use Re-do Re-cycle All the do overs and use again ideas.....

The plastic water bottle use has been debated for years. It has became combated with the use of reusable water bottles; from ones that auto seal to bright and attractive colors; there's a water bottle for every taste. And honestly I cannot say I do not own 3 million :) Sadly, 100 million plastic bottles are still used and discarded every day and they are 80% non biodegradable. This accumulation of plastic trash is taking a toll on the environment. These bottles can't be burned because the produce toxic fumes. It's hard to find a way to reuse these bottles.

This idea started when I noticed how many cases of water I was buying and 75% of my recycling bin was full of water bottles. My initial thought was to crush them and save space, but that wouldn't completely solve the problem. There are cheap and innovative ways to reuse bottles I never thought about until I started looking. Luckily others realized this before I did and I found great ideas, here's a compilation of the great ideas I found. Hope you enjoy!

1. DIY No Sew Zipper Case / Candy or Supply Holder

maxresdefaultOrganize your children's pencils and pens in a hand and easy to clean zipper pouch. Simply cut the bottle 3/4 from the bottom of the bottle, add a zipper to the two pieces, and zip away. You can customize the size and length according to what your's storing. The would make cute parting gifts or a children's party. You could also organize your children's room with them and de-cluter. Follow the instructions here.

2. Soda Bottle Sprinkler

sprinklerWith summer in full spring for most southern states - water and kids are a necessity. To keep cool and keep them occupied for the summer - save some money with a water bottle sprinkler. Poke a couple of holes in a 2 liter bottle and attach it to the water hose and you just created a sprinkling water park in your backyard. Great for cookout and easy to use. Not only for fun, watering the garden all at the same time and keep your plants happy and hydrated too. Check out how they did it. 

bird feeder
3. DIY Bird Feeder

Helping nature with something they didn't even know they needed! I love this idea near a garden for your plants. The feeder will allow a pretty view and cost you no money if you have the items around the house already. Of course you can decorate and accessorize how you like. Cut some slits, stick a couple of old spoons in a water bottle, fill with bird food and there you go. Make sure every bird gets a spoon full. the picture to the right should be able to answer most questions and show you how to do it in less than a hour here!

4. A Mosaic Panting Anyone?

Look closely, there's not one drip of paint here. A great DIY project to start at the beginning of the school year with students and end the year with a completed "painting" of perfectly colored bottle caps. Make this beautiful eco friendly painting with no paint by collecting from friends and family. Plus you do not have to be an artist to do it. An easy and fun craft idea for any age.

5. Piggy Bottle Bank
Of course painting it pink would only be the icing on the cake but a great idea for the crafty bug in you for yourself or the kids. All you need is a bottle, scissors, and an imagination for decoration. A simple snip and tuck of the bottle and you should have a great time creating pigs. You can even make dogs or cows! Feel free to make it how you like. Here's in depth instructions here!

httpwww.socreativethings.comwp-contentuploads201305Reusing-plastic-bottles                                                      6. DIY Kitchen Storage
These old or used plastic bottles can make a great storage containers for dry groceries such as rice/noodles/or cereal. You can also take back some space in stead of laying these products down or in a free moving bag. See the instructions here  You will only need the bottles and a pair of scissors. You can even turn this into a kid friendly product by killing two birds with one stone.

See more here at this wonderful site that give more ideas http://www.thebetterindia.com/58509/reuse-plastic-bottles-reduce-pollution-waste/

We hope you enjoy some money saving tactic you can do in your home for yourself and others. We always encourage others to do more conserving and re-using of products you trash or use in your home in a creative way. If you have any suggestions or ideas, feel free to send them over; we'd love to feature you in one of our blogs. If you liked our suggestions please comment, we love to hear from our customers.

As always, we strive to help you in the home and garden. Check out some of our eco friendly home and garden products here.

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Jul 7, 2017

What and How to Harvest Rainwater- Should you?

Image result for harvesting water

Sustainability is something we should think about not after the fall but before. Engineers ad Architects have been thinking about this since 2008 and even more and more before. Rain water and harvesting water should be an important ingenuity that we are paying more attention to as the water source becomes less and less available to our people. For example, the situation in Flint, Michigan where regular citizens of America still do not have clean water to drink. Why should we continue to depend on the government to allow us clean water. We all deserve clean drinkable water. So why not do it ourselves. Have you thought about pooling and creating your own water quarry? Well here's some information on this topic

The Concept: Planning and Maintaining - the secret is respect if an entire village can survive off of 6 cm of rainwater, we have to learn how to respect what is given to us in order to keep it coming long for the future of mankind.

So if you are not familiar with rain water harvesting, let's start with a simple definition. Harvesting Rainwater mean to capture rain water where it falls and capture the runoff from, catchment and streams etc. Generally water harvesting is direct rainwater collection; water to be stored for later use and recharge into the ground water again.

Image result for harvesting water

This type of Water Harvesting can provide drinking water, irrigation water, increase groundwater recharge, reduce storm water discharges, urban floods and overloading of sewage treatment plants. Such as the picture below, the water you store can be used as a irrigation system for your lawn, garden, or specific plants. There's truly no bad way to go when having your own supply of water. Minus a monthly bill...
Rain water is a primary source of water with rivers, streams, and lakes a secondary source. You can figure out your rain harvesting potential with this simple equation: rainfall (mm) x collection efficiency. Take this example into account:

Related image
1. Area of plot to collect water from = 100sq m (120 sq yards)
2. Height of rainfall = 0.6m (600mm or 24 inches)
3. Volume of rainfall over the plot (area of plot x height of rainfall)
4. Assuming that only 60% pf total rainfall is effectively harvested.
5. Volume of water harvested = 36,000 liters (60,000 liters x 0.6)

With this example this amount of water is twice the annual water drinking requirement of a 5 member family. (10 liters per person)

Rain Water harvesting does seem pretty straight to the point and easy but be aware you need to do your diligence in research. For example, regular maintenance is a must, your water holding tank has to be mosquito free, and the tank has to be zinc-alum free because that is dangerous to drink.

In order to install a water harvesting system properly- you need to probably consult a plumber and/or electrician for the proper build and pumping system. Like more things innovative and clean, the long term benefits are great but the initial cost is the headache.

A good resource to get more information from...."National Water Harvesters' Network (NWHN) is a far-reaching network that addresses water issues through people from diverse background in India and abroad. The members of NWHN are primarily professionals, bureaucrats, grassroots functionaries, interested citizens and all those committed in developing or undertaking water harvesting program. The network addresses and highlights the local issues and the traditional systems relating to water harvesting to further the cause of community based water management."

Jun 29, 2017

Things You May Have Not Known...

Water Saving Products @ Conserv A Store

From toilets that space you gallons per flush to aerators that change the flow of your water - a bathroom renovation could be in your near future. It can have you saving water and saving you money more importantly. Saving with us comes two-fold. We're giving you 5% off just for coming over to us and purchasing water saving products! We strongly believe in saving water helping the world so we encourage you to take advantage of the while supplies last! 

Water is something we need to save. Thought it may seem like its endless, in all actuality it is scarce. With summer months here for most geographical locations and others who experience summer all year long - water is still a vital source of all life. 
Water saving products range from tiny aerators to huge toilets. We all use water in our everyday life so why not choose to be more conscious about it? Isn't it worth it? Here are some simple and quick ways to invest in your water saving and money saving home or business:

More Information concerning these water saving products 

Water Reducing Aerators 

Are you familiar with aerators? You use them everyday and probably never think twice about it. An

aerator is the water controller that is attached to any faucet in your home. See image ==> This is something you use quite often right? Well doesn't it make sense to make it better. When have you heard of someone saying I do want to improve or get better? NEVER! Well an aerator can do a couple of things for you

  • change the flow of your water
  • save you water 
  • add more pressure to your water flow
  • save you money 
  • add style/ class to any faucet 
  • less running water noise 
  • reduce splashing 
  • remove dirt and debris from your water 

Water Saving Toilets 

We all use one, and most use it more than 3 times a day. Again - we are looking to improve things you already use! Our next suggestion is toilets. These changes aren't drastic things we're asking you to do. There's helping you with things you already use. None the less, a toilet can use gallons on top of gallons of water in one flush. Having a toilet that saves water or where you can choose the amount of water to use is the now the wave of new technology. The technology of a toilet has immensely improved in the last ten years. The possibilities are practically endless - toilets that have slow closing seats, toilets that use 0.6 gallons of water per flush, toilets that clean themselves of debris, and even toilets that sit higher for comfort! This is probably one of the biggest helps for people to sit higher and more comfortable especially for ease on the knees.
  • Improve the appearance of your bathroom 
  • Add Style, Color, Elegance to the bathroom so it's not a place you don't enjoy
  • Prevents water leaks that are not easily detected which save water and money
  • Older toilets so not use water efficiently 
  • Components on the toilet may be out of date and if they break they are not replaceable 
  • If you replace the floor, replace the toilet 
  • Ease of use for elderly 
  • Teach kids to save water and flushing properly 

When you know nothing about this products, it's easy to pass it over. Once you know how great these additions to your kitchen or bathroom can be, you will not want to give it up. A Tapmaster is a hands free faucet activator. You may think it's not that important until your cooking and have dirty hands. Would you want to get your faucet knob dirty with raw meat on your hands? NO! You need a third hand and that's exactly what Tapmasters are for. You can impress your company or impress yourself with the usability of these foot, door, or knee activated Tapmasters. Watch the video below and it'll all make sense

Hopefully we have provided you with enough information and we look forward to hearing from you about our products. If you have any question feel free to reach out to us via info@conservastore.co or go over to our website to look around www.conservastore.com

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Jun 27, 2017

Green Investments - Now and the Future

Are you ready for the next wave of money money money MON-Ney?!

The Green Industry is a multi-trillion dollar global market of the future. Let me repeat that for you, MULTI TRILLION DOLLAR industry. I think that deserves a repeat one more time: MULTI TRILLION DOLLAR. Okay, just wanted to get the point across that its profitable and beneficial for the world and maybe you if you are into investing. 

Some investors are deterred from the green energy investment because they feel tey do not have enough information regarding the ups or downs of the market in this realm. With emerging technologies and new innovations happening more and more often, the changes happen to often to provide certainty. Luckily the Department of Energy is the biggest funder in the emerging energy technologies. To help encourage other investments, the DOE launched the EIC - The Energy Investor Center in 2016 in order to help and support investors by giving an all inclusive way to contact energy experts, acquire the latest research studies, leading reports, identifying promising opportunities, and innovative products all in one place. It was meant to bridge the private sector and the public with more concrete information. With a market that is fast-developing, financing and creating new partnerships is a vital component to welcome interested investors. Read more and see the links to the resources here: https://www.energy.gov/technologytransitions/us-department-energys-energy-investor-center

The Clean Energy Investors Round table welcomes over 40 investors to discuss the possibilities for over 90 minutes; venture capitalist, corporate venture capitalist, and foundations all gathered to discuss the future of clean energy. The 2017 Keynote Speaker, U.S. Secretary of Energy, Dr. Ernest Moniz discussed the challenges presented by climate change and the tremendous opportunities for the future. Attendees agree that the clean energy investments are critical to support a world where billions can gain clean energy and there's always going to be a need for new technologies to inporve the current energy status. There is plenty of potential for international markets and technologies to emerge, it will take time though. Read the article and more info about the event here: https://www.greenchipstocks.com/articles/clean-energy-investment-is-booming/2386

Other sources are stating that the global investment in renewable energy in 2017 fell 23% in comparison to the previous year. However the installations of renewable power capacity hit a all time record worldwide. So the demand for renewable energy remains strong, despite the drop in investments. Global green energy investments slipped, following two years of growth, as overall prices dipped and investments dropped as much as 30%. With investments exploding in the last few years, they do not come freely. Complications and challenges have continually battled investors to dig through the murky waters of regulations and restrictions. Solar energy is probably the most attractive sector of green energy but also comes with decreasing profits.

Goals of these investors include:

  • Source Reduction - this is the goal of reducing pollution and waste by changing production and consumption patterns. 
  • Sustainability - this is an effort to meet societal needs with methods that can continue to be used into the future indefinitely without depleting or damaging natural resources. 
  • Innovation - the focus is on developing alternatives to types of technology that have been shown to be harmful to the environment 
  • Cradle to Cradle Design - this involves the creation of products that can be reused or reclaimed, thus ending the cradle to grave cycle of manufactured products 
  • Viability - the aim is to create an economic activity center that focuses on products and technologies that are beneficial to the environment, thus increasing the speed at which such technology and product concepts can be implemented. 
  • Energy - with energy often considered the most pressing issue in the green technology sector, the energy sector focuses on the development of alternative fuels. 
  • Green Nanotechnology - this includes the manipulation of various materials at the nano meter level, which could transform the way in which products are manufactured. 
  • Green Chemistry - this encompasses the invention development and application of chemical proccesses and products that are designed to eliminate or reduce the generation and use of hazardous substances.  

Thank you to the follow websites for their contribution and information provided. 


Shipping is Never Free - Don't believe the hype...

FREE is never really FREE...

We've had some things come across he board that customers has brought to our attention about free shipping. We wish shipping was completely free with no strings attached but sadly, that's not true. Most retailers advertise free shipping but there comes stipulations behind that. Whether is be a minimum purchase are it's stated upfront or hidden fees that are not upfront. We are here to attack the myths and help our consumers out! 

We've all seen the spend this amount of money get free shipping advertisement if you're an online shopper. Most of us go into shopping and we remember we need a minimum threshold to be able to get free shipping but have we all really examined the idea that it's a gimmick to spend more. You can still buy what you want and be less than the minimum threshold plus shipping at be a total less than the necessary "needed" amount. We all have failed at paying attention to that and been blindfolded. But let's examine that more...

There is actually some psychology behind this "free shipping if you spend X amount" - You are bombarded with "Free Shipping" everywhere from big brands to small businesses like us. It's usually the first thing you see. Some brands even promise a next day or two day time frame of delivery (and
we've gotten addicted to that with the "instant gratification" spin). Retailers feel that "free shipping" is the easiest and more effective way to reach out to customers and quite honestly majority of online shoppers agree. But what is free shipping and how can you tell you are not getting wool pulled over your eyes?

  1. Free Shipping - with no qualifications - buy anything from the eCommerce business and get it shipping for free to you no limitations 
  2. Free Shipping - if you're a member of their "club" then you can get free shipping (sometimes with a monthly/yearly subscription charge and/or email sign-up)
  3. Free Shipping - if spend the right amount of money. Spend the minimum threshold (before taxes) then you get it
  4. Free Shipping - if you buy the right items that are specified to get it.  
  5. Free Shipping - during the right time specified you get it in that time frame. 

As a retailer, the price you set a product at has to be determined in order to offer free shipping. You must and have to determine this price to factor the price of shipping in the cost of the product. So what most retailers do: The cost of the product ($10) plus shipping ($5) then advertising the suggested retail price ($89) but the sale price the customer pay at ($39.99 with Free Shipping). Though there is no shipping added to the checkout portion there's still shipping in the total cost and most of the time as a consumer you don't bat an eyelash at it because it is not specifically stated out.

Well known places, we won't mention names but you know who they are - offer two day shipping for a membership. Notice that they do charge you a monthly subscription to be a member of their offer at about a $100 a year or $9 a month. This holds their business and carries their shipping charges. Though they may be the only ones that offer close to free shipping, you have to take into account how large they now are. They can move a lot of product and store a lot of product in their own warehouse. A business like us is not large. 

HOW ARE WE DIFFERENT? Well though most of our items are not free shipping we do not add in an invisible price for shipping. We charge you what the freight or shipping company would charge you and DO NOT make a profit off of it. The cost it takes to come from us and arrive to you is what our freight charge is and that's it. We do not like hidden fees and up charges. We like to be transparent with our customers.

Thank you to https://www.crazyegg.com/blog/free-shipping/ who gave us some valuable information and a different spin on the information