Dec 15, 2017

"There is no Planet B"

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"If we fail here in Mother Earth Planet A;

There's no Plan B!"

As the One Planet Climate Summit takes place on the anniversary of the Paris Climate Accord in Paris resumed this week, we are address again the idea that the more damage we do to the Earth, the less we will have. Our chance is now, not later. The promotion of green investment, green buildings, green energy, green all across the board to combat global warming is a conversation that is appearing more and more often as concerns are growing. 

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Politicians, Finance Industry Reps, High Public Figures, French Ministers, Presidents, World Leaders, and much more were in attendance at the Summit on how to deal and discuss climate change that's quickly advancing into a much worst situation. French President feels "We are not moving fast enough," and I couldn't agree with him more. Why are we waiting, and continuing to "not do" and instead "do wrong". It cannot be that possibly hard to change or get better with all the money floating around to wars and repealing Net Nuetrality versus actually doing meaningful work, I mean ARE WE SERIOUS HERE GUYS?! As he continued, "we are losing the battle..." and we are being stomped in the ground now. On a global stance we have to pay attention and actually make moves for improvement and stop just "talking!" Germany's Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks commented, "it's all about directing investments worldwide towards climate-friendly options." I couldn't agree more.

We collectively as the WORLD have to make WORLDWIDE commitment to change and ACTUALLY do it. We have to look at other countries successful changing and take note from them to follow their example. We cannot be a "We're better than you; we're number one; why change something that's working fine" kind of country because clearly it's not working if the carbon dioxide emissions are not reducing but multiplying at all time rates. The opening speech of Fijian Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama set the tone of the summit perfectly; "While the challenge is great, we must do everything in our power to meet it. We know it is the difference between life and death for millions of vulnerable people around the world... there are trillions of dollars sitting in private investment institutions [and] we must unlock that finance..." He urges banks and other investors to put money more quickly into companies that are the biggest contributors to global warming to further encourage them to reconsider and change their ways. And again, that brings me to the point of "if there's a will, there's a way!" When you have the will to do something it can be done but if there's no care to change, nothing will get done... period.

Bob, A Climate Expert, has been following climate trends, predictions, rates, and information for over 40 years. He first hand has seen the changes over the years. Regardless of the doubt that media or other forms of information may say, climate change is very real. Small degree changes mean a lot and humans have been a contributing factor to the extremities we are seeing in real life. He has been national rated and reviewed, as well on national television channels, what he has to say is valuable and needs to be seen! From ice ages coming and going to the difference between weather and climate, he explains a lot of why, what, when, how, who you should know in the video. Twenty minutes are worth watching this video! Watch it!

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Elon Musk were some of the attendants of the One Planet summit last week as well. He commented on Trump; withdrawing from the Paris Agreement and canceling funding to climate research while in his reign; "It doesn't matter that Donald Trump backed out of the Paris Agreement, because the private sector didn't drop out, the public sector didn't drop out, universities didn't drop out, no one dropped out." More than non of us believe in climate change and it's not a "hoax" as Trump said it to be. I also have to tip my hat off to Elon Musk who is attempting to changing the world one car, spaceship, and tunnel at a time. Within the last two months he released a 18-wheeler truck that is going to revolutionize the trucking industry; with less emissions, all electric and going for 500 miles on a single charge can change the way accident prevention happens making you stop and charge as well as cargo being a quicker drop. Things can change, innovators are looking for eco-friendly options, it exist- We just have to invest it...

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The Commissioner of the EU, Miguel Arias Canete announced the future investments in the Green Sector Project will be 10.6 Billion or more in Africa projects thru 2020 as a program to broaden the investment program in Africa. This will make European banks required to hold for sustainable investments. These efforts will part of a larger package that will come out in March 2018 to ensure the EU meets its carbon reduction targets by 2030. They are putting for great effort to get these things done and making sure they are going according to what should be done.

Overall this summit was beneficial to all environmentalist and people who have interest in the climate change being a serious issue that must be address and combated with serious tactics. We at Conserv A Store know going green is important to be friendly to the Earth. There's no plan B if something drastic happens and history repeats itself. We have to be conscious in every step we take that can impact the world. Every little bit counts, from saving water, reducing you carbon footprint, and using eco friendly products - you can make a difference. At we have a numerous array of products that can help you do just that (and save some money) and much more. Give us a change and help us help you.

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Nov 29, 2017

Adding Some Class and Style to your Room...

LED Fixtures

Image result for beautiful open floor plan kitchen\How do you know which one is the right one? 

Most to all of LED Fixtures are a statement piece. I know personally, as much as I watch HGTV, when I pick one out - if it does not match the concept of an open floor plan as much as have the space to hang and not be touched unless it's for cleaning, then I have some big decisions to make. We all romanticize over the perfect one with all the bells and whistles and bedazzels and diamonds, but do we really want that in our functional home with kids? Honestly, I can't even answer that question because every time I go looking for a replacement or change in the lighting fixtures, I get easily sidetracked with the shiny and new ones that I know I shouldn't have. Maybe I should find the one that makes more decorating sense, or should I go all out and get the Crystal one shinning at every angle? Will it go with my color pallet? Does it stand out or blend in? I can say from personal experience that I get over whelmed in the endless corridors of big box retailers that I am only a number and not a customer at. What about you?

How have I resolved my big box number problem? I took extra time to become a online shopper at niche eCommerce businesses. They always have a high and quick response rate, they address my questions, guide me, send me samples, let me try things out, offer suggestions and even more. I've actually become a shopaholic in my pajamas that my entire Holiday shopping is delivered to my home and I hide the delivery more than the gift. When it came to changing the chandelier in my home, I came across these beautiful LED Fixtures from The LED fixtures, nothing short of a great picture, had me dreaming about how perfect it would look in my home. They guided me through the choosing of my LED fixture and this is what I slimmed it down to what you should know when shopping for your LED lighting fixture for your home:

Mr. and Mrs. ABCD would use to search for premium LED fixtures. What should they think about when choosing between the different types?

- prefer a LED?
-want a Modern style?
- want a Contemporary style? 
-do they want it Transitional?
- prefer low Low Voltage?
-looking for Upscale?
- care if it's Integrated LED?
- are Unique LED fixtures okay?

Mr. and Mrs. ABCD usually ask pre-purchase and final decision:

-Is the fixture(s) dimmable? 
-Can the height be adjusted and by how much?
Image result for husband and wife hardware shopping-What is the warranty on the fixture? - There is normally a different warranty for the fixture itself than for the LED lightsource. Warranties vary greatly by manufacturer.
-Does the fixture come in different finishes? Sizes? Configurations- chandelier, flush mount?
-What is the Kelvin temperature of the LED?

What the height of their ceiling? 

Have an approximate number in feet how high the ceiling is because many new homes have those super high ceilings and not all fixtures will come with enough wire to accommodate the needed drop. There are ways to adapt and adjust the fixtures but the supplier will need to know that ahead of time.

Is the fixture to match the carpet/flooring, window treatments or paint?

From our experience, the fixture should pull the room together. If the room is done in cooler tones, then the white metals (brushed nickel, chrome, pewter) will probably look best in the space. Should the color palette be more warmer tones, then the oil-rubbed bronzes, blacks, woods will look best. 

Go big or go home but how big is too big? 

The New LED fixture also needs to be the right size for the space. The easiest rule of thumb is the dimensions in feet added together gives you the minimum size of the fixture in inches - i.e. room is 12' x14' so the minimum size would be 26".

What kind of bulbs should Mr. and Mrs. ABCD use? 

It is important to use the correct color lightbulbs in all the fixtures in the space. For example, if you order an LED fixture that comes in 3000 Kelvin, the rest of the lamping in the space should be done in 3000 Kelvin as well. This is a great opportunity to ask for LED lightbulbs for their existing fixtures and new fixture to match so that all the lighting in the area matches.

Image result for led light bulbsThese tips and tricks should help you get through this decision seamlessly and easier than previously without my help *wink wink* We want to help you get to the point where you have no stress and picking the best LED Fixture for your home and enjoying it. This should be a fun decision decorating your home and making new and great and improved. Nothing can be so fun. Should you need anything or have any questions on this journey of new and improved things like LED fixture contact the store below! 

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Nov 13, 2017

Green Technology and Drones

Could Drones Save the Planet?
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Maybe you're not too familiar with drones or you've already have a negative connotation with them, but we want to encourage the good part of technology and drones. Let's jump right in: a drone; formerly called a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle); is essentially a flying computer that can be remotely controlled and work in conjunction with sensors and GPSs in order to navigate and execute a given order. With this in mind you would naturally recall or think of these mini flying aircraft associated with military or big businesses but they have broken into mainstream as toys and recreational toys for the normal person. Drone, as smart as they are, can now be even smarter; well people who build them are finding their uses are becoming more and more intricate for different purposes. We recently came across drone technology being used for replanting trees in deforested areas. We started to look into this idea of drones doing eco-friendly work in the world and found some interesting ideas. Let us know what you think about these and if you know of a few send them over to us at We'd love to hear from you!

Where Did Drones Come From?

"The first generally used drone was a full size retooling of the de Havilland DH82B "Queen Bee" biplane, which was fitted out with a radio and servo-operated controls in the back seat. The plane could be conventionally piloted from the front seat, but, generally, the plane flew unmanned and was shot at by artillery gunners in training. The term "drone" dates to this initial use, a play on the "Queen Bee" nomenclature." The male bee in a colony of social bees whom does no work but can still fertilize a queen bee or other "female" bee is referred to a drone. A drone can also be referred to as a low humming noise like a buzz or murmur. All things and qualities of an mechanical drone which is why the word "drone" fit so perfectly.

Drones can be used for an array of different things; hobbyist love them for personal use, photography, film companies, construction, utilities, surveillance, journalism, telecom businesses, public safety companies, and eCommerce and business deliveries. Drones can even explore the unknown or unsafe places a human can not go so a human's life is not in danger. Drones, as you can imagine, have numerous uses and can plenty of things so for a company to join drone technology and saving the planet, our ears peaked and we think yours should too!

What Can a Drone Do? 

The company DroneSeed, based out of Seattle Washington, is trying to make a big impact in a dying section of the world. Deforestation is a growing and big issue for lumber companies who come to reap the land but not replace it. DroneSeed looks to fill in that gap and much more. They are "pretty focused on serving [their] forestry customers and other vertical crops such as vineyards, fruit, and nut orchards and post wildfire work with spraying services, but if you've got an awesome" different ideas they are all ears. They even joke about selling you one of their drones, but you have to come with 100,000 in cash and small bills because they are more in the business of helping and not so much selling. I think the best thing about them, they are FAA approved and currently the only company approved to use drones for agriculture. Their drones can fly for 15-20 minutes carrying 4 gallons; 15 drones all carrying 4 gallons a piece for 15-20 minutes can cover a lot of area and is a very effective way to disperse what's needed. Numerous media outlet have covered this company and for some reason it has not went worldwide like I think it should so we decided to cover this amazing company to get more of an exposure.

More Drone-World Saving Activities?

Drones also help with solar farms. The drones do the inspections of a large scale solar energy projects that are running all around the world. Drones have mapping capabilities that are helping solar companies plan and build better and bigger solar farms. As much as solar energy should be off the ground, drones are helping them get even more exposure. Drones can also map industrial emissions. The tracking of invisible emission from factories can help reduce the pollutants in the air and protect people from being exposed to harmful chemicals. We've seen this is history when big factories will dump harmful waste in neighborhood and areas where people are living their life; but are getting terrible diseases from the exposure. Drones can monitor the output from a safe area in real time and report back without even being in harms way. This can in return postpone the harmful effects of global warming. This helps government keep an eye on big factories and help factories stop furthering the damage to the environment.
One of the most interesting use of drones I've found to be to stop poachers in Africa. Beautiful animals like elephants and rhino are endangered animals due to poachers killing them off for their tusk and/or other things to make a profit off of their death. A company called Air Shepherd monitors the wildlife that roam freely to make sure no poachers are following or attacking them. They said thus far they have deterred numerous attacks and saved a lot of elephants that were in danger of extinction. Watch the video here: Air Shepherd

We think it's amazing that drones could do something to save the planet from deforestation and plant trees. Drones can do more than we can do in an hour- this is what technology is all about. We would love to hear more about tech businesses that can help the planet. Are you a part of one? Do you have an idea or a kickstarter you think is worthy of praise? Feel free to reach out to us via info@conservastore.con or comment below and we will help you spread the word!

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Oct 22, 2017

CFL vs LED Light Bulbs - Which is Better?

There's a lot to Know about a BULB

When is comes to light bulbs let me be the first to tell you: I didn't know what was the difference and what it all means. It seemed liked a whole bunch of terms and words I knew nothing about. It was until I became involved with Conserv A Store that I begun to pay more attention and all the words meant more sense. In this blog we will go into depth about the differences and things as a normal consumer you should at least be familiar with in order to make an informed decision. After reading this you should be able to decipher between LED bulbs, CFL bulbs, What is wattage, Hours, and more...

So lets start with an example and break down the picture: This is a Conserv A Store item sold online at:

First LED, What does that mean? 
An LED Light bulbs basically means a light emitting diode that emits light versus heat. These bulbs will be slightly warm to the touch at most versus other regular light bulbs that are hot to the touch. These type of bulbs are more eco-friendly than other bulbs.

Whether its 60 or 50 watts - the relationship between energy and power is relative to the higher the power(wattage) of the bulb, the more energy is consumes. You can also say that the wattage of the light is the amount of energy it takes to produce a certain amount of light.

Medium vs Candelabra base
The silver part that wraps around the bulb that you would screw into the fixture is considered the base. The medium base is what we are most accustomed to and pictured above. The candelabra base is a smaller in circumference base that would fit into a chandelier for many bulbs. One is not better than the other - It's more about preference and choice.when looking at bases choices.

Most light bulbs actually do last as long as they say they will. These bulbs aren't easily broken like the bulbs we are generally thinking of when imaging bulbs not working that long. More so it means that the light bulb will not be as bright as it once was when you first purchased it after that amount of time has passed. Some times they do fail but if you purchase from the right supplier you can easily return and get a replacement for free.

PAR vs M or any other lettering
This lettering solely refers to the size of the bulb. Bulbs can be very specific or very general when trying to fit a certain fixture you may have to get a specific numbered bulb like PAR16 that will specifically fit that fixture or sometimes with outside lights you need a more heavy duty light bulb that will not deteriorate in the weather. These lettering refers to the type and size to more extents.

LED Bulbs vs CFLs
Watch this short video to get a quick idea of what the difference in the two bulbs are :

The more you know the more you can decipher between what helps your home and what will not. We try to bring you the best ideas and information we can provide. Should you find some information that would be beneficial to us, feel free to send it over. Hope this helped. Comment and share!

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Oct 15, 2017

Cut down AC Usage & Save $$

Programming your Thermostat can be the savior of your Wallet!

With all the heat and electric bills on the rise, we know this is a topic of interest. How to save money on things you need or more so do not want to go without. Electricity, especially pertaining to air conditioning and heat can be a necessity in heat waves and snow storms so how can you save on it when you use it so much? Well we did a little digging and investigating and came up with some great tips and tricks to at least level or slightly decrease your bills.

 When we tell people this, they believe it's a myth or something, but honestly setting your temperature on a set setting that is comfortable for most or all people in the home can be so helpful to leveling out your bill that you do not see unexpected spikes in prices. If you have cold-natured people in the home keep throw blankets so they can be comfortable in the home as well. For hot-natured people make sure you have a stand alone fan for them that can spin or not spin to maintain their comfort. But to keep the bill low you have to keep the air conditioning where it's at. The changes can drastically cause a higher than normal bill if constant changes happen on a daily basis. So set it and leave it. Adjust yourself to it not the other way around

Image result for honeywell thermostat
I want to see this one
Programmable thermostats are now everywhere on the market because they have proven to be helpful in stabilizing the bill and are effortless. Once you learn the times your home is usually colder/hotter you can adjust the thermostat to become accustomed to that temperature. Thermostats such as the one to the left are not pricey if you do not currently have one. They are less than $30 and most of the time the home only has one. This is a one time price as well. Once you invest in one as the one to the left you will not have to replace it for many years. A well known name such as Honeywell you know you're getting quality and maximizing your use for many years to come.

Though you may not think your vents being entirely clean can prevent air flow, it can. The slightest air flow prevention can cause your system to always be in a state of over-working. Air vents that are clogged up will also look as though nothing is wrong. The clogging will be in places you cannot easily spot. It's best to get a professional to test the cleanliness of your vents in order to get a guarantee answer and not have any questions. Also be aware that non well ventilated vents can still be working and blowing air but not properly ventilated.

I want to see this! 
This is the common one for most people. A well insulated home can help the electric bill significantly. To make sure your home is insulated you need to most likely hire a professional because insulation is usually in the home in unseen places. Especially the attic and windows. Most newer model homes are becoming properly insulated form being built but older home 2012 and past may have insulation issues. Double check with your home owner or call a professional out to your home to check your status. Small things you can do at the doorway are install a door sweep such as the one pictured or install foam around the door frame or frames that open and close to ensure there's no energy loss.

Have you dried your clothes outside before? It's not such a thing of the past when things like laundry dryers and saving money can help you save time and energy Laundry dryers such as this one can be very useful in reducing your energy footprint and lowering your bills. The quickest way to get simple ideas is live your life like the "olden days" when thinking of ideas. When they didn't have electricity and modern technology. Drying your clothes outside you can incorporate the children and being more active. The benefits can be good for you, your family, and your pockets!

As alsways we're here to help. Reach out via phone or email and let us know what you think! 

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