Jun 5, 2018

Busch Systems and Conserv-A-Store Collaboration

Waste Can / Trash Can / Without them we would be in big trouble!

Image result for trash piling up citiesOf course you don't think about a trash can when you're using one or when you walk past one in a park- but if you think about it when you don't have a trash can you might be tempted to litter. That's a bad thing and we know that. Sometimes it is difficult to remember that not all thing are recyclable and which ones are but with a detailed and organized waste system that is easily labeled and displayed you won't have to worry about that any more! 

"Americans' generate trash at the rate of four pounds per day per person. This translates to a staggering 600,000 tons per day and 210 million tons per year; which is almost twice as much per person as most other countries." We have to do something about this as a whole and it takes effort. This is why we thought adding waste cans to our catalog was not only important but also socially conscientious for us to be eco-friendly and about recycling and conservation.  Trash can take anywhere from 10-1000 years to decompose; most plastics that it and in the idea that waste gets dumped in the ocean and or just keeps piling up as well as smells bad, we as humans who created this evil need have to be more involved in the making, using, disposing, and recycling of each item we purchase and throw away. A circular economy is the goal: everything that is made does not have to be throw away. It can have a life to get repaired numerous times and if an item is not recyclable the consumer can return it to the manufacturer and they can recycle what they can and dispose of the item properly into another circular recycling system to make something completely new. "mind=blown" it does exist out there.
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We personally have been working with an amazing company that can not only help us with this goal to have a circular economy but also a company that has a long history of make items to help, not hurt, the environment. Busch Systems has been in business since 1981 when the owner "...has a passion for the environment and the exciting developments that were occurring in the recycling industry. Thirty years later, our commitment to the environment has only increased and out Sustainability choices and actions have become central to our values and corporate culture."

Busch Systems is a company we at Conserv-A-Store are glad to partner with and make a growth in the eco friendly space for consumers to make more informed decisions. Their core philosophy is one we believe in as well. "People, Planet, Product." It's that simple. We make and sell products fro people to not hurt the planet which make a great product for the people and the planet. It has to help all three or it's no good in our eyes. Environmentally responsible products inspires others to make better purchasing power and offering education and enticing participation for a common goal. We are happy to celebrate that journey with our customers and Busch Systems.

Busch Systems:
LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is an internationally recognized green building certification system, developed by the US Green Building Council (USGCB). Find out how to receive LEED points via recycling and waste containers here! Busch Systems is proud to be a part of this! 
Here's a small insight into the items we are collaborating with Busch Systems on: The couple that are pictured are the main recycling systems we have seen that most of our customers were drawn to. Right: Concourse Bottom Left: Concourse Sand Colored Bottom Right: Denver Style 

 "Sometimes, it's better to keep it simple and sweet. Recycling and having a place for customers or general people to throw trash away is an important part of keep the Earth Clean from unwanted debris pilling up in unwanted location. Though something as a waste can is not generally classy and sophisticated; we're changing the the thought process on that. "

Apr 17, 2018

LEED - The Latest and the Greatest

The Latest and Greatest

The LEED Version 4.1 Release 2017

Conserv A Store is introducing a new and informal way to keep you connected with the information we feel is important to discuss with people that are interested in green things universal. With the new announcement of the new LEED version 4.1 being released, there's some hype and concerns surrounding the new version. With the Greenbuild 2017 behind us, we want to know how the 2018 Year is Green is going to progress. Here's the facts and what we know moving forward...

"LEED, which stands for the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is a certification program focused primarily on new, commercial-building projects and based upon a points systems. The more points you earn, the higher your rating." Reference here 

The United States Green Build Council (USGBC) evaluates a buildings "performance" and encourage a more sustainable ground up build for new and improving technological advances. The LEED provides the standard for buildings that are created healthy, highly efficient, and cost saving. This is the standard that a building wants to meet and the standard most to all are striving for.

What can a LEED building provide than any other regular building? Well there's a lot of positives that are beyond the face value. LEED buildings are in 165 countries and territories. These buildings also save energy, water, generate less waste, and most importantly, support human health. These LEED buildings also attract tenants, cost less to operate, and boost employee productivity as well as retention. Building a smart grid from ground up creates greater rewards for years to come, provide a clearer picture by providing the bigger picture of the water usage for the entire building over time, and approaches the overall goal of consuming less energy overall.
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Since 2012, LEED has been growing and changing as well as influencing others what should be the ideal situation for energy usage and growth. The market is growing and the demand is increasing- which is a good thing and even more than good a environmental powerful necessary. More and more companies are coming to their senses and beginning the touch journey of changing to renewable energy. As of November 2016, projects now have to register under the v4 project for new construction of buildings in the U.S. The existing projects are the foundation of the future projects but has some adapting to do as well. While all changes are not in full swing yet, the key factors have been introduced and implemented. Key factors such as updating the performance requirements and being qualified as a LEED project. Only 41% usually meet the standard set forth.

LEED is important and needs to be something that every business should at least consider in their makings of a new building or renovating an old one. New technology and changes come out every day and can be the light in the dark that someone needs to make a lot of our lives better. We all look forward to the new technology to come in the years making.

Hope this blog was helpful to you and yours.

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Apr 9, 2018

We're Here! New and Improved- you should love it!

Yes, we've been working on it for a while and Yes, it's finally up! Our New Website!

With our new site up we wanted to give everyone a chance to see the new and improved things we've done in order to make ourselves better and provide you with better information. We revamped our site in an effort to stay new on the latest, better help our customers, and it also gives us a fresh start. Every once in a while you have to throw the old out the book and in with the new. We think that's exactly what we did and want you to check it out www.conservastore.com  Let's take a walk down memory lane...

If you remember, our old site was very white and simplistic. We had some similar categories and things were a little spread out over the homepage. We think changing to vivid colors makes a bold statement that we are green, we've been green, and we're going to continue to be green! Green living is the motto we follow and by changing and making a bold green statement we think we're clearly portraying to you, our loyal customers and new customers, that it's important to you and more so, it's important to us!

If you continue to scroll down the page you'll see a couple of others thing such as a Shop by Room new categories. We think this is something most home improvement places provide and also think it's a great idea to provide on our website as we are consumers too who think of appliances and revamping by room. The bathroom or kitchen needs a revamp? You can easily go to that category and pick out the things you want to revamp. Not sure what you want to change and need some idea, well scroll through and see the descriptions of things such as a low flow toilet or hands free faucet. These just some of the things listed in this category can give you an idea of what to get and help guide you to the things you may need and not thought about yet.

We won't give you all the spoilers, we want you to go visit the site and see what you think in person. We want to help our customers and provide them with the best information possible and will also be more help based. Not sure which aerator to buy- 1.5 or 0.5? Just shoot us an email. Not aware of the difference in a low flow toilet and a dual flush toilet? Give us a call. Looking for something to reduce
Niagara Aerator from Conservastore.com
your electric bill? Search our database for informational readings and forums that can answer that. In the long run, us being more helpful and being more accessible to our customers we are proud to save we give a personalized service you cannot find in retail stores or with other online stores!

The changes we've made to the website will help you as the customer navigate through the website as well as get straight to the buying the items you are interested in. We are also looking for a focus group for feedback concerning the changes we made. You will be rewarded with a special gift for your participation too. Just send us an email at info@conservastore.com telling us why you would be interested in participating in our focus group. We welcome the opinions of all, all background, any age, and education. We welcome all! We think that's how we'll get the best answers. Our site is also an attempt to educate everyone on green matters. There's plenty of ways we want to encourage the initiative to be green in your daily life. From changing your faucets in your home to recycling, every little bit counts. And on our new website to want to reach every demographic and every age and provide knowledge to make sure positive changes in their life happen sooner than later. It doesn't take a million dollars to change, recycle, or save the planet. It can be done little by little and become a way of life. We want our customers to come to us and find the green solutions for their life.

We are always welcoming your comments, feel free to reach out anytime.

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Mar 18, 2018

Bitcoin Burning up ALL of our Energy?

Bitcoin Craze and Why It's using More Energy

 than We Can Produce...

Image result for bitcoinThe Bitcoin craze has died a bit but don't think it's disappeared. Bitcoin, still alive and well it not all it's hyped up to me and more recently stock has tremendously plummeted. None the less, Bitcoin is also not that eco-friendly. The man power and energy is takes to mine Bitcoins is astronomical. Unlike what we already have using things such as Paypal, CashApp, Zelle, Western Union, etc; Bitcoin is the most high sought after and also the most energy using. We'll discuss what Bitcoins are, what you need to know, and sustainable ways to incorporate the need and supply for Bitcoins.

Many of us are not even sure what a Bitcoin is to be exact. I ran across one story where a gentleman was getting over on people by selling them fake gold coins as Bitcoins for a 1,000 a piece! So let's start with a couple of definitions and need to knows:
  • Bitcoin: A type of digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify and transfer funds; operating independently of a bank. (sending and receiving money without using a bank or US dollars)
  • Bitcoin mining: the process by which transactions are verified and added to the public ledger, known as block chain, and also the means through which new Bitcoins are released. 
  • Bitcoin miner: every so often mining computer collect few hundred of pending bitcoin transactions (these are called a block) and turn them into a mathematical puzzle. The such miner that gets the solution gets 25 bitcoins as a payment but only after another 99 have been added to the ledger. 
  • Mining: lingo used for the discovery of new Bitcoins (just like a gold digger find gold) a Bitcoin miner finds Bitcoin "algorithms" to say and furthermore verify the transaction once it is de-coded. 
Image result for bitcoinThis is a basis of information we can work from. Now, the energy needed to mine Bitcoins is very contentious but other methods pose a very high security risk. There was a recent warning from facilities in Ireland saying that Bitcoin mining in their area alone, exceeded the amount of energy annually by the country's homes in total in a couple of months. This alone can turn into a potential energy shortage which is very alarming to them ( but not everyone sadly). Most critics say that the Bitcoin mining is as useless and pointless as having a no money at all and there needs to be a more efficient and cleaner system that what has been going on. But others say the uselessness of the mining is what's keeping it going.

Mining takes an immense amount of computational power because as more and more machines are used, the quicker a miner can de-code the blockchain. The hardware also are not cheap and the electricity consumption is high as everyone has recognized but sweeping under the rug. The more "guessing until the miner gets it right" the miner does, the more amount of energy that has been consumed. Now just image a simple guess the number between 1-20; now guess every number until you find the right that I'm thinking of- yup! that's what these miners are doing. and every guess cost you an amount of energy. The problem with these million of mini guesses is that these small guesses until you get the right one still uses energy but serves no purpose or gives them no productivity outside of the mining itself for Bitcoins. (but aren't there numerous things we can think of that serve no purpose but for the exact thing it's being done for?)

Seems as though there are a numerous amount of these such companies: Primecoin, Gridcoin, BOINC, SolarCoin, and MangoCoinz. These projects after initial excitement, only had limited resources and are only marginally used today. Big or large company: "Many believe that mining, while energy sapping, should remain resource-intensive to make it prohibitively expensive for any single entity to gain sustained control over the decentralized system. Given how quickly computing technology develops, perhaps an alternative method will be found. Until then, we appear stuck- for better or worse- with a drain on computational system and energy resources to power bitcoin and other cryptocurrency networks securely." One reporter notes bitcoin mining will consume "...all of the World's energy by 2020." Other experts say, "...bitcoin probably uses as much as 1 to 4 gigawatts, or billion watts, of electricity, roughly the output of one to three nuclear reactors. That would amount to less than 1 percent of U.S. electricity alone and no more than 0.14 percent of global electricity generation.That won’t devour the world’s entire electricity resources, but it’s a significant drain — and it’s growing fast."

Image result for bitcoin mining burning energy
Harald Vranken, a professor of management at the Open Universiteit in the Netherlands, has calculated a similar number. On Jan. 1, he calculated the energy usage at .1 to .5 gigawatts, but with the bitcoin explosion this year, he thinks it has increased to between 1 and 4 gigawatts“It will only go up if things increase like they have been doing in the last four months,” said Vranken. “So at some point in time, I think, this situation cannot hold. I think that is clear.”

Not only normal 9-5 people but millionaires are investing in this Bitcoin craze; but the big blow out of it all had triggered doubts in everyone's mine of the stability of it all as a normal form of currency. Sadly all forms of cryptocurrency use data centers which consume energy- about 1.8% of all U.S. electricity on which Bitcoin uses a fraction of thus. Experts say the use of electricity will increase in the next couple of years with Bitcoin rising or not. "“The amount of energy going into mining is largely a product of the price of bitcoin and the type of hardware being used,” Hartnett said. “As the price goes up, there are stronger incentives for miners to add new computing power or new hardware or attract new operations to mining. In either case, you’d be adding to total computing power of the network, which influences the difficulty of the hash problems that miners are raising. If bitcoin’s price, and concurrent energy consumption, continued to rise at the clip seen this year, that could be a serious problem. But it’s less clear whether the current rate of growth in consumption would continue. Claire Henly, a manager at RMI, said “there are two ways this problem can be solved.” There can be changes to the protocol of bitcoin that would allow for reduced energy spent, or users could switch to other cryptocurrencies that require less energy expenditure.""

Image result for burning tires for energySadly there aren't many answers to the way to not use so much energy or how Bitcoin can survive with less energy consumption. There has been suggestions of burning old tires or coal to power it but there's not much evidence to support it and how it would work.

In conclusion, Bitcoin could survive all the attack and thrive through. It could become the next form of currency or it could be the pathway for other and better programs to develop on the blockchain system. But at this point just as it came, it could go and be a matter or remembering what it use to be in the "good 'ol days..." Me personally, I don't think we have much to worry about in the next 5-6 years. If it survives through those then it may be something that we should all pay attention to. What do you think? Will Bitcoin be the new PayPal/Credit Card/Currency?

As always we're here to help and we would love to know what you think!

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Mar 12, 2018

Green Bonds Going Greener 2018

Green Bond Series Part 3

For Part Two of our Green Bonds Series we wanted to cover the 2017 Clean Energy Investment Trends and what to look forward to in 2018. Last year the world's total clean energy was a little less than $333 billion which was a 3% increase and the second highest annual figure ever telling us that Green Bonds are infact getting greener. Clean Energy Investments are popping up everywhere just as expos and events connection companies together to do more "green" business. Keep in mind that the more green business the better for the economy as well as the Earth itself. Interested in attending a Clean Energy event, there's an annual meeting and conference in NY March 14 & 15th called "Capture the Energy" - be sure to attend for the latest and greatest in Green Energy!

The Bloomberg New Energy Finance Report is one of the most "...comprehensive, geographical reach and level of [high] detail investment transactions [can be] tracked." We appreciate their dedication and information they release to the public. Bloomberg states that 2017 was China's record year for photovoltaic installations. This and this alone shadowed changes elsewhere, such as Germany and the U.K. The increase in photovoltaic installations (a solar power system used to generate usable solar power by means of photovoltaics) in China helped not only their economy, but also the over all Green Energy globally interest. The not only proved to others that the installations would increase the likelihood of it catching on to others within China, it also promoted an economy boom of solar resources. Jon Moore, chief executive of BNEF said, "The 2017 total is all more remarkable when you consider the capital costs for the leading technilogy - solar - continue to fall sharply. Typical utility-scale PV systems were about 25% cheaper per megawatt last year than they were two years earlier." Solar investments took a leap of faith and ended up in the 160 billions despite the 18% cost reductions with China spending over half of that. More and more projects are being developed on rooftops in China, at industrial parks, and are not limited by government quota. More and more large energy consumers in China are installing solar panels to meet their own demand not guidelines induced on them by government.

Coming behind China, the U.S. was the biggest investors at $56.9 billion, up only 1% from the previous year, despite the less than friendly tone towards renewables by the current administration. Next up, Australia up 150% to $9 billion and Mexico up 516% at 6.2 billion. Though there were countries who saw increases, there was also Japan who declines by 16%, Germany 26% and Europe down 26% as well. But all in all, solar is the big boy in this family.

Taking 48% of the global total at a little more than $160 billion with the United Arab Emirates taking the biggest chunk in the 1.2GW Marubeni JinkoSolar and Adwea Sweihan plant. Behind solar, was Wind power with $107 billion. Though this was a drop 12$ from the previous year, American Electric Power said it would back the 2GW Oklahoma Wind Catcher project in the U.S. at 2.9 billion. The final biggest sector was energy smart technology which includes smart grids, electric vehicles, and battery storage totaling in 48.8 billion. The remaining sectors were biomass, waste to energy, biofuels, small hydro, low carbon services, geo thermal and marine energy.

Image result for tesla
Other Important things to note: EV vehicles and battery packs will rise in the next year as well as the boom will continue to rise as more and more consumers are looking for alternatives to their vehicle and energy sources. This is a 40% rise from 2017 and is proposed to increase through 2019. Not only will electric vehicles increase, autonomous cars are reaching 5.2 million by the end of 2018. Tesla is mentioned to be the wildcard in the situation. The Tesla creating semi-trucks and shooting rockets into space. We have a lot to look forward to with self driving vehicles as well as electric vehicles from the creator Elon Musk.

Coal also makes a rise and sadly the Trump Administration has been contributing to that increase. "The Trump administration will continue to pull every policy lever it can find to revitalize U.S. coal-fired power generation – but will not slow coal’s inexorable and inevitable decline. We are not sticking our noses out too far on this one, actually. Already, 2018 is scheduled to be the second biggest year in U.S. history for coal plant retirements, with 13GW of projects slated to shutter. A particularly cold first week of 2018 could boost the overall coal megawatt-hours a bit, but the total amount of coal capacity online will continue to decline.  In addition, on January 8, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission rejected a request from Energy Secretary Rick Perry to have U.S. power markets reward coal and nuclear plants for the supposed “resilience” they provide to the grid. FERC, which historically prides itself on independence, rejected Perry’s request with a bipartisan 5-0 vote." 

To wrap it up: Energy is an important factor in the changes and contribution to this global economy just as much as water is to human survival. Things like this have to be monitored over a large period of time to see increases or decreases. Though things may look negative on the surface, in the overall scheme of things, energy usage and renewable energy being used more is on the rise. With things like this you have to take a step back and evaluate the entire picture, not just a piece. Should you have more information on this topic, we'd love to hear it. Just send it over to us.

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