Oct 22, 2017

CFL vs LED Light Bulbs - Which is Better?

There's a lot to Know about a BULB

When is comes to light bulbs let me be the first to tell you: I didn't know what was the difference and what it all means. It seemed liked a whole bunch of terms and words I knew nothing about. It was until I became involved with Conserv A Store that I begun to pay more attention and all the words meant more sense. In this blog we will go into depth about the differences and things as a normal consumer you should at least be familiar with in order to make an informed decision. After reading this you should be able to decipher between LED bulbs, CFL bulbs, What is wattage, Hours, and more...

So lets start with an example and break down the picture: This is a Conserv A Store item sold online at: https://www.conservastore.com/LED-Medium-Base-PAR16-Light-Bulb-25-000-Hours-p/03-0014.htm

First LED, What does that mean? 
An LED Light bulbs basically means a light emitting diode that emits light versus heat. These bulbs will be slightly warm to the touch at most versus other regular light bulbs that are hot to the touch. These type of bulbs are more eco-friendly than other bulbs.

Whether its 60 or 50 watts - the relationship between energy and power is relative to the higher the power(wattage) of the bulb, the more energy is consumes. You can also say that the wattage of the light is the amount of energy it takes to produce a certain amount of light.

Medium vs Candelabra base
The silver part that wraps around the bulb that you would screw into the fixture is considered the base. The medium base is what we are most accustomed to and pictured above. The candelabra base is a smaller in circumference base that would fit into a chandelier for many bulbs. One is not better than the other - It's more about preference and choice.when looking at bases choices.

Most light bulbs actually do last as long as they say they will. These bulbs aren't easily broken like the bulbs we are generally thinking of when imaging bulbs not working that long. More so it means that the light bulb will not be as bright as it once was when you first purchased it after that amount of time has passed. Some times they do fail but if you purchase from the right supplier you can easily return and get a replacement for free.

PAR vs M or any other lettering
This lettering solely refers to the size of the bulb. Bulbs can be very specific or very general when trying to fit a certain fixture you may have to get a specific numbered bulb like PAR16 that will specifically fit that fixture or sometimes with outside lights you need a more heavy duty light bulb that will not deteriorate in the weather. These lettering refers to the type and size to more extents.

LED Bulbs vs CFLs
Watch this short video to get a quick idea of what the difference in the two bulbs are :

The more you know the more you can decipher between what helps your home and what will not. We try to bring you the best ideas and information we can provide. Should you find some information that would be beneficial to us, feel free to send it over. Hope this helped. Comment and share!

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Oct 15, 2017

Cut down AC Usage & Save $$

Programming your Thermostat can be the savior of your Wallet!

With all the heat and electric bills on the rise, we know this is a topic of interest. How to save money on things you need or more so do not want to go without. Electricity, especially pertaining to air conditioning and heat can be a necessity in heat waves and snow storms so how can you save on it when you use it so much? Well we did a little digging and investigating and came up with some great tips and tricks to at least level or slightly decrease your bills.

 When we tell people this, they believe it's a myth or something, but honestly setting your temperature on a set setting that is comfortable for most or all people in the home can be so helpful to leveling out your bill that you do not see unexpected spikes in prices. If you have cold-natured people in the home keep throw blankets so they can be comfortable in the home as well. For hot-natured people make sure you have a stand alone fan for them that can spin or not spin to maintain their comfort. But to keep the bill low you have to keep the air conditioning where it's at. The changes can drastically cause a higher than normal bill if constant changes happen on a daily basis. So set it and leave it. Adjust yourself to it not the other way around

Image result for honeywell thermostat
I want to see this one
Programmable thermostats are now everywhere on the market because they have proven to be helpful in stabilizing the bill and are effortless. Once you learn the times your home is usually colder/hotter you can adjust the thermostat to become accustomed to that temperature. Thermostats such as the one to the left are not pricey if you do not currently have one. They are less than $30 and most of the time the home only has one. This is a one time price as well. Once you invest in one as the one to the left you will not have to replace it for many years. A well known name such as Honeywell you know you're getting quality and maximizing your use for many years to come.

Though you may not think your vents being entirely clean can prevent air flow, it can. The slightest air flow prevention can cause your system to always be in a state of over-working. Air vents that are clogged up will also look as though nothing is wrong. The clogging will be in places you cannot easily spot. It's best to get a professional to test the cleanliness of your vents in order to get a guarantee answer and not have any questions. Also be aware that non well ventilated vents can still be working and blowing air but not properly ventilated.

I want to see this! 
This is the common one for most people. A well insulated home can help the electric bill significantly. To make sure your home is insulated you need to most likely hire a professional because insulation is usually in the home in unseen places. Especially the attic and windows. Most newer model homes are becoming properly insulated form being built but older home 2012 and past may have insulation issues. Double check with your home owner or call a professional out to your home to check your status. Small things you can do at the doorway are install a door sweep such as the one pictured or install foam around the door frame or frames that open and close to ensure there's no energy loss.

Have you dried your clothes outside before? It's not such a thing of the past when things like laundry dryers and saving money can help you save time and energy Laundry dryers such as this one can be very useful in reducing your energy footprint and lowering your bills. The quickest way to get simple ideas is live your life like the "olden days" when thinking of ideas. When they didn't have electricity and modern technology. Drying your clothes outside you can incorporate the children and being more active. The benefits can be good for you, your family, and your pockets!

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Cleaning the House - Sounds Easy but its NOT!

Clean but with a Purpose...

We all know the spring cleaning sayings and the winter stocking up and organizing encouragements, but those are periodical. When it comes to weekly and everyday cleaning, that can be the tiring part. We want to briefly discuss eco-friendly ways of cleaning and not using harmful products in the home as well things you can do to make your life a little bit easier with the task of daily cleaning! 

Choirs were probably the death of me when I was younger. Especially the smell of bleach and Pine-sol on a Saturday morning meant I wasn't going to do two things
#1 : sleep in
#2 : go out on the teenage Saturday night festivities if cleaning was not done now.
So to make Momma happy- me and my two sisters were required to get up and clean all the rooms of the house. I was the youngest so I had the least amount of work.

Image result for cleaning scrubbing floorsNow being an adult- the smell of cleanliness like bleach and Pine-sol makes me joyous. It makes me think of cleanliness and happiness. Getting into being more Eco-Friendly sadly, I had to give up the smell of strong Bleach and get the brands that are more eco-friendly and environmentally safe. I rarely paid attention to it before becoming more eco-conscious. Gladly knowing the harmful effects such cleaning products and smells have on the Earth and changing into something more friendly- I can gladly say cleaning has become less of a choir and more of a calming and peaceful time. But let's be clear... it does take time and sometimes I do not have the time so a cleaning can be put off for weeks.

As a woman cleaning of the house, cleaning is probably something I feel if I do not do it, it's not done right; especially with a man present. Nothing against a man but cleaning and organization is not a priority on "his" list. I like to know where things go and when I go looking for them to be in the right place; I like the smell of cleanliness like something you just purchased fresh out the box; I like things spot less, seamless, and disrupted even though something has been used numerous times. To say the least the cleaning part of my life as an adult I take serious. Granted, there are men in the world that do clean just as well or better than myself but that "man" do not reside with me. Though he follows the cleaning rules most of the time, I have to lay the law down pretty continuously as a friendly reminder.

Image result for eco friendly cleaning productsAs a woman I also know cleaning can be a good thing to instill in the children and a good reflection on myself as head of the household. I like using products such as Honest, JAWS, and Green Works for most of my products or I will mix a simple water and lemon juice or baking soda on a stubborn stain occasionally. Most of these simple - around the tricks and hacks will help you be eco friendly and freshen up the home. Lemon is a really good substitute for stain remover and/or an odor. Also oranges, any acidic fruit is really a good smell to combine with water and baking soda to do simple everyday cleaning.

According to the HuffintonPost, it doesn't matter if the woman is a bread winner in the home or not - women tend to do the cleaning more than men regardless of their work and child care load. More so than not gender matters before income or availability. "From 2003 to 2015, men's participation in food prep and clean up on an average day increase from 35% to 43% and the time spend doing these activities increased from 16 minutes to 21 minutes. During the same time span, the share of women doing housework on an average day decreased from 54%-50%, and the time they spend doing housework declines from 58 minutes to 52 minutes. The data is broken up by gender..." This for me means that what I've organized in my house is the same in many homes. I'm not so feminist that I want the work done equally - I just want it done, and done correctly. I think that's fair enough. Sadly the rest of the story is telling me why that's not so good for my health: This never-ending workday may have harmful effects on a woman's health; a recent study found that women who work more than 60 hours a week are at a higher risk of several chronic diseases, while this wasn't true in men who worked the same amount of time outside the home. And in addition to the health effects of this "second shift" of work women perform, other research shows that women are more likely than men to initiate divorce. This could be because they suffer more from deeply unequal divisions of household chores and childcare, even when both partners work.

Image result for tired of cleaningSo in the long run what should you do? Well I suggest to share the work. Don't take too much on yourself woman or man and pay attention to your normal body reactions i.e. yawning, falling asleep while doing task, and getting enough sleep. The simple things we say we're going to do but never do- we have to pay more attention to. And definitely pay attention to the products we are using in the home. We have to do small things that can make a big impact in the long run.

Green and eco-friendly services are important to us and should be important to you. As much as we want you to conserve and say that we provide everything - there's something we do not. Here's our spin on women and cleaning - a series that was inspired by the everyday woman. Feel free to leave comments or suggestions and at anytime come over to conservastore.com and get any of the eco- friendly home and essentials like a Water Saving Aerator

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Sep 10, 2017

Going Green: Women vs Men

Is going Green as a WOMAN any different from a MAN?

"Anything you can do, I can do better. I can do anything better than you. No you can't, yes I can, no you can't, yes I can, NO YOU CAN'T- YES I CAN!!" - Thinking of this comparison made me think of that song and I am sure we all know the words too well. How many times do we silently sing that in our head when someone; especially a man; says "you can't"... well we are here to evaluate just that. Does going GREEN change from women to men? You have to wonder why we are even challenging the idea- well it comes down to a couple of things we've came across and the stats on women going green versus men are very different. As an additional part of our Women & Going Green Initiative we wanted to evaluate this topic and especially get your spin on it...

In our travels thru the internet - we came across a TedTalk conference with speaker Shawna Coronado. She is pretty impressive to say the least but in her presentation she talks about hw she had osteoporosis and allergies from hell that kept her sick, tired, and bothered so she thought to give green living a try. After taking over a dozen prescriptions a day, her turning to Earth's natural remedy she says "was the best decision" she ever made. Astonished by what a difference it made in her life and wanting to spread the word brought problems - with anything that's great we know there's some type of trouble. Her first move was starting a garden. A colorful and bountiful garden on the small patch of curb near the street in front of her neighborhood home, she thought, was great. Little did she know the neighborhood would love it too! The community responded with hugs, love, cards, and many more. The city responded with a fine. The city said she was on public not private property and a garden was getting in the way of normal practices. Of course any of us thinking we've doing good and to be told you're doing wrong is pure disappointment. She didn't take no for an answer and dug deeper.

Sadly the answers she found were not the ones she was expecting - Asthma being a 56 billion dollar industry in America - creating an alternative to stop the 56 billion dollar train was an issue. She had to find a way to grow, change, and influence others to do it more and combat the money corporations make off of sick people. She turned inward and turned her entire front and backyard (of private property) into a garden. Over the years - she started a culinary Youtube channel and blogs about how to cook from your own garden. She now has over 100 lbs of food she shares and donates to shelters and neighbors. Bringing the presentation to a close- she believes it starts local. Building your local economy can help everyone. It's all about economic growth in the community. Sometimes all it takes is starting small and it can turn into something huge. Watch her presentation to the right.

Going Green Needs Man Power...

In a sense of people power more so. Gardening can be a lot to keep up with especially with the working and multitasking women and men of today's world. Women and Men can both do it independently but working together we can accomplish so much more. So much can be done when working as partners or even as a group of the contributing community. Things can be changed and more things can be done. Try so of these easy gardening tips to start your community garden today!

Image result for manly manDon't think going green is just for girls! Even though studies show that there are more eco-friendly women than men; doesn't mean men cannot do it. If you think about it men could actually be the biggest contributors to being green but they choose not to be. It's the women who go behind their men and recycle and make use of all the non-recycling or reusing they ignore. A recent study, "Is Eco-Friendly Unmanly? The Green-Feminine Stereotype and Its Effect on Sustainable Consumption," provides evidence that shoppers who engage in green behaviors are stereotyped by others as more feminine and also see themselves as more feminine. In a series of seven studies, Wilkie and his co-authors manipulated small details about the products, attempting to change men's attitudes and behaviors. They found that men are more open to purchasing environmental products if their masculinity gets a branding boost." With this in mind - men want to be more eco conscious but it may look less manly to others. We're here to tell the MEN and those seeing other MEN going green - WE SHOULD ALL BE GREEN! We all us the same natural resources on the planet, drink water, conserve or save the same. It's not manly or unmanly to do what's right for the Earth. EVERYONE should do it. Period.

Overall we do not feel it is any different for a man to go green versus a woman, it's more about engagement. Things like this do take time and more and more of us need to band together to get it done but we need to also be aware that things like this take time. Mining a garden can be time consuming and when everyone pitches in a little time more things can be monitored and accomplished. In the long run - building a garden and becoming more self sustained of your food and vegetables and end up doing a lot more help than harm. We want to encourage you to do this as many people we encounter have. The most important thing is to take it step by step. Keep you eyes on the ending prize and stay the course.

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Aug 26, 2017

How Do Women Go Green - A Green Lifestyle

Green for Life: How Hard Can it Be?

                     One of the things we try to incorporate into our blogs is how to actually do things in your everyday life. Sometime it can be challenging to incorporate ideas and actual actions when you already have a million other things to do. We thought it would be helpful to slightly change your everyday life task into something more sustainable or thought-less so making the change isn't so hard to do. We as women want our lives simpler -(now if only the laundry wasn't such a task!) In writing our Green Expose on Women and Being Green we crossed this topic and wanted to look into it...


Image result for recycling binHave you ever thought about all the trash you make? Well Americans seem to love to "throw it away" when it can really be recycled. We want you to understand that sustainability doesn't mean living without it means using and wasting less. So those bottled waters can be put in a recycling bin instead of the trash can...

  • Instead of having one trash can; get two and label one recycling and the other trash- you'll notice how less you have to take the trash out. 
  • Eat locally - yep, that's right when you eat locally you are reducing resource consumption like oil & gas going into big rigs to move food around America -
  • Plant seeds - instead of throwing the the trash the part of vegetables you don't want-plant them and grow a beautiful grarden
  • Resell or donate items that have piled up in your storage room and/or things you no longer need
  • Save water - wash full loads of clothes/turn the water off when brushing your teeth/get a 1.6 GPF toilet that can use less water per flush and many more!

Have Fun while Teaching and Doing

We never want saving, conserving, or reusing to be a task you despise - that's how things do not get done. Recycling, reusing, and conserving should be something you enjoy. When you think about the benefits and the long term goals you want for your home and family; you may not get excited like us because we are passionate about it; but at least don't make it a chore! Come up with creative ways and ideas that encourage the kids and yourself to do more saving and reusing. Here's a couple we thought of...

  • Collecting water bottle tops and making it a competition of "guess how many" between the kids
  • Give the kids a task to recreate something using the "recycled item" - Give an award to the best one
  • Ask/Teach the children about recycling - make sure they know what it means and how to do it
  • Allow the kids the smash/crush etc on their own... Check out some crafty ideas here 
  • Change the aerator on your faucets: here are what they are 
Is a Vegetarian Life for You?

Image result for vegan mealsWith known allergens like gluten or dairy; we have to always be conscious of what we eat on a daily basis. On top of that having picky children can be the death of a nice meal. With that in mind, you might want to consider cutting meat out you and your family's diet. Before going any further, we all know that can be a hard change but maybe doing it slowly like twice a week not eating meat on those days. Or choosing more healthier options- i.e not frying but baking meats. Something like this can be more obtainable and easier but definitely has to be done slowly for a permanent change. Try some of these recipes:

Doing these simple things can get your the road to a healthy lifestyle and a healthy family. What you teach your children now will last them the rest of their life- teach them how to control their life and choices early and make a big impact down the road. We all can do little things along the way that can make a change in your own or someone's life. We try to give you the nest information and ideas we can so if you ever have any ideas - feel free to contact us with the information below! Happy Green Doing!

Image result for happy family

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