Sep 10, 2017

Going Green: Women vs Men

Is going Green as a WOMAN any different from a MAN?

"Anything you can do, I can do better. I can do anything better than you. No you can't, yes I can, no you can't, yes I can, NO YOU CAN'T- YES I CAN!!" - Thinking of this comparison made me think of that song and I am sure we all know the words too well. How many times do we silently sing that in our head when someone; especially a man; says "you can't"... well we are here to evaluate just that. Does going GREEN change from women to men? You have to wonder why we are even challenging the idea- well it comes down to a couple of things we've came across and the stats on women going green versus men are very different. As an additional part of our Women & Going Green Initiative we wanted to evaluate this topic and especially get your spin on it...

In our travels thru the internet - we came across a TedTalk conference with speaker Shawna Coronado. She is pretty impressive to say the least but in her presentation she talks about hw she had osteoporosis and allergies from hell that kept her sick, tired, and bothered so she thought to give green living a try. After taking over a dozen prescriptions a day, her turning to Earth's natural remedy she says "was the best decision" she ever made. Astonished by what a difference it made in her life and wanting to spread the word brought problems - with anything that's great we know there's some type of trouble. Her first move was starting a garden. A colorful and bountiful garden on the small patch of curb near the street in front of her neighborhood home, she thought, was great. Little did she know the neighborhood would love it too! The community responded with hugs, love, cards, and many more. The city responded with a fine. The city said she was on public not private property and a garden was getting in the way of normal practices. Of course any of us thinking we've doing good and to be told you're doing wrong is pure disappointment. She didn't take no for an answer and dug deeper.

Sadly the answers she found were not the ones she was expecting - Asthma being a 56 billion dollar industry in America - creating an alternative to stop the 56 billion dollar train was an issue. She had to find a way to grow, change, and influence others to do it more and combat the money corporations make off of sick people. She turned inward and turned her entire front and backyard (of private property) into a garden. Over the years - she started a culinary Youtube channel and blogs about how to cook from your own garden. She now has over 100 lbs of food she shares and donates to shelters and neighbors. Bringing the presentation to a close- she believes it starts local. Building your local economy can help everyone. It's all about economic growth in the community. Sometimes all it takes is starting small and it can turn into something huge. Watch her presentation to the right.

Going Green Needs Man Power...

In a sense of people power more so. Gardening can be a lot to keep up with especially with the working and multitasking women and men of today's world. Women and Men can both do it independently but working together we can accomplish so much more. So much can be done when working as partners or even as a group of the contributing community. Things can be changed and more things can be done. Try so of these easy gardening tips to start your community garden today!

Image result for manly manDon't think going green is just for girls! Even though studies show that there are more eco-friendly women than men; doesn't mean men cannot do it. If you think about it men could actually be the biggest contributors to being green but they choose not to be. It's the women who go behind their men and recycle and make use of all the non-recycling or reusing they ignore. A recent study, "Is Eco-Friendly Unmanly? The Green-Feminine Stereotype and Its Effect on Sustainable Consumption," provides evidence that shoppers who engage in green behaviors are stereotyped by others as more feminine and also see themselves as more feminine. In a series of seven studies, Wilkie and his co-authors manipulated small details about the products, attempting to change men's attitudes and behaviors. They found that men are more open to purchasing environmental products if their masculinity gets a branding boost." With this in mind - men want to be more eco conscious but it may look less manly to others. We're here to tell the MEN and those seeing other MEN going green - WE SHOULD ALL BE GREEN! We all us the same natural resources on the planet, drink water, conserve or save the same. It's not manly or unmanly to do what's right for the Earth. EVERYONE should do it. Period.

Overall we do not feel it is any different for a man to go green versus a woman, it's more about engagement. Things like this do take time and more and more of us need to band together to get it done but we need to also be aware that things like this take time. Mining a garden can be time consuming and when everyone pitches in a little time more things can be monitored and accomplished. In the long run - building a garden and becoming more self sustained of your food and vegetables and end up doing a lot more help than harm. We want to encourage you to do this as many people we encounter have. The most important thing is to take it step by step. Keep you eyes on the ending prize and stay the course.

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Aug 26, 2017

How Do Women Go Green - A Green Lifestyle

Green for Life: How Hard Can it Be?

                     One of the things we try to incorporate into our blogs is how to actually do things in your everyday life. Sometime it can be challenging to incorporate ideas and actual actions when you already have a million other things to do. We thought it would be helpful to slightly change your everyday life task into something more sustainable or thought-less so making the change isn't so hard to do. We as women want our lives simpler -(now if only the laundry wasn't such a task!) In writing our Green Expose on Women and Being Green we crossed this topic and wanted to look into it...


Image result for recycling binHave you ever thought about all the trash you make? Well Americans seem to love to "throw it away" when it can really be recycled. We want you to understand that sustainability doesn't mean living without it means using and wasting less. So those bottled waters can be put in a recycling bin instead of the trash can...

  • Instead of having one trash can; get two and label one recycling and the other trash- you'll notice how less you have to take the trash out. 
  • Eat locally - yep, that's right when you eat locally you are reducing resource consumption like oil & gas going into big rigs to move food around America -
  • Plant seeds - instead of throwing the the trash the part of vegetables you don't want-plant them and grow a beautiful grarden
  • Resell or donate items that have piled up in your storage room and/or things you no longer need
  • Save water - wash full loads of clothes/turn the water off when brushing your teeth/get a 1.6 GPF toilet that can use less water per flush and many more!

Have Fun while Teaching and Doing

We never want saving, conserving, or reusing to be a task you despise - that's how things do not get done. Recycling, reusing, and conserving should be something you enjoy. When you think about the benefits and the long term goals you want for your home and family; you may not get excited like us because we are passionate about it; but at least don't make it a chore! Come up with creative ways and ideas that encourage the kids and yourself to do more saving and reusing. Here's a couple we thought of...

  • Collecting water bottle tops and making it a competition of "guess how many" between the kids
  • Give the kids a task to recreate something using the "recycled item" - Give an award to the best one
  • Ask/Teach the children about recycling - make sure they know what it means and how to do it
  • Allow the kids the smash/crush etc on their own... Check out some crafty ideas here 
  • Change the aerator on your faucets: here are what they are 
Is a Vegetarian Life for You?

Image result for vegan mealsWith known allergens like gluten or dairy; we have to always be conscious of what we eat on a daily basis. On top of that having picky children can be the death of a nice meal. With that in mind, you might want to consider cutting meat out you and your family's diet. Before going any further, we all know that can be a hard change but maybe doing it slowly like twice a week not eating meat on those days. Or choosing more healthier options- i.e not frying but baking meats. Something like this can be more obtainable and easier but definitely has to be done slowly for a permanent change. Try some of these recipes:

Doing these simple things can get your the road to a healthy lifestyle and a healthy family. What you teach your children now will last them the rest of their life- teach them how to control their life and choices early and make a big impact down the road. We all can do little things along the way that can make a change in your own or someone's life. We try to give you the nest information and ideas we can so if you ever have any ideas - feel free to contact us with the information below! Happy Green Doing!

Image result for happy family

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Aug 14, 2017

How Do Women Go Green - How Do Women Save Water?

Women Going Green and Water Saving

Are you the head of the household? (like most women are *wink wink*) You should know first hand that things don't go right if you do not clean, wash the dishes, pack lunches, get the kids off to school, iron clothes, cook, get yourself ready for your work day and on top of everything else eat healthy, go to yoga, and maintain a job- things would never get done in a timely manner. Now we are not against a man doing all the above but to some extent we should all be feminist. Recognize that women are an important if not the most important backbone of a home. Women usually take on most of the home duties and kid duties AND want equal pay, that's not so hard we think.

Image result for superwomanWe started our research simple- women are doing all of these things, (superwomen we want to call them) but are them implementing saving water, reducing electricity use, conserving water, and all of the above. More importantly are these women teaching the kids to do it as well. Also taking a step back, do women know how and why to go green and conserve?

Being an eco friendly business we want to provide you with the best information to be able to us and share that information. Always feel free to forward our information to friends and family or comment. We thought this subject deserve coverage and a mini series so this will be one of many to come. Here are some of the important info we found and waned to share.

The following items do require some installation know how so you may need to hire a handyman or a friend who has tools and enjoys putting things together


"Tapmaster® offers a distinctive patented technology that uses the existing water pressure in your water lines to activate your faucet. The result is a reliable and convenient method of turning water on and off that is easy to install and ecologically friendly to operate. Tapmaster® uses unique knee and foot operated activators to suit every need and application.
Without need for electronics, sensors or batteries Tapmaster® products can provide an unequaled level of reliability and ease of installation when compared to sensor and touch based hands free faucet solutions. Tapmaster® faucet controllers have no moving parts contributing to our excellent reputation for quality, reliability and cost-effectiveness." 
Something to make your life simpler is here. With a Tapmaster that can be hand or foot activated while being a woman of many talents you have another hand- We all need a hand sometimes and these provide that for you!
The normal 1.0 GPM Water Saving Dual Thread PCA Faucet Aerator was developed to save water and money in your home. These type of low flow faucet aerator can save up to 55% of the energy wasted using a traditional 2.2 GPM aerator. The item can be used as a replacement for both bathroom faucet aerators and kitchen faucet aerators, making it a staple low flow fixture for your faucets at home. Making a small change as such can significantly increase your saving of water and money.
Image result for faucet aeratorsWith its chrome finish and pressure composition make up, this aerator is durable and stylish to accompany any bathroom or kitchen renovation. Most people will not even notice this is a separate piece that not every faucet has but you will know and recognize the savings when they start pouring in.This aerator can usually be bought as a single fixture or as a six pack. See them here
Things like this and many more small changes can make a big impact in your home. Keeping this in mind we want to spread the knowledge about being eco-friendly in the home. We strive to help. If you need anything or have any questions feel free to reach out to us. 

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Aug 7, 2017

Is Your Family Eco-Healthy?

How Healthy is Your Family in being Eco Friendly?

From cooking to cleaning up after the kids - being a family man or woman of the house can be challenging. Maintaining the household comes with numerous responsibilities and duties that are sometimes unforeseen. With us all thriving and surviving to be better, we may drop the ball when it comes to ways of conserving. Conserving energy, water, recycling and re-purposing is sometimes a hobby and not a priority. When we realized that women have the biggest impact in this situation in the household we wanted to do a series of Green Blog- How Do Women Go Green? It's a question we can all ask ourselves. With little work but much practice, women going green and staying green for the family is important! Trust us, it will fall in line as the generations continue down the line that the family and each individual is eco-friendly to not caring at all.

Image result for family talkingMost of our parents instilled good behavior, manners, and money conscious ideas into us that we still use in our daily lives, but how many our our parents taught us about recycling? Granted, we are not saying that a bad parent doesn't teach their children about recycling, we're saying its uncommon because trash is trash is trash. With the Earth getting older and older making resources to be less and less available, we have to learn how to maximize what we use. With the family all around how can you sneak and teach good habits - we've complied a couple of everyday tricks that can help you do just that.

1. Be straight forward and have the conversation. Women know how to "smoouge" good ideas on anyone and make them think its a great idea, what do you call that? Intuition maybe, either way bring forth ideas like putting a recycling bin next to the trash can so when throwing trash away your faily will think - is it really trash or can I recycle this? Kids love DIY projects so have the kids decorate the recycling bin and teach them head on what it means to conserve and recycle.

Image result for family cooking2. You can also cut down on your consumption while you're cooking - making things from scratch or buying groceries with less packaging or grocery bags is a good way to start. Recyclable bags that you carry to the grocery store is now a thing. Teach or direct the kids to fix their own snacks instead of buying individually wrapped items. That way they can mix and match what they want versus what they do not want. We all have the picky child in the family that doesn't like this or that. This way they can be as picky as they want and be satisfied with their decisions. It can turn into a daily routine for the next day (and less work for the parent!)

3. Watering the grass at the right time and leaving the air conditioner on a setting without changing throughout the day. We all know some peak hours of the day- i.e noon until 4pm when everyone is watering their grass, well that's not so conserv-ish. The best time to water your lawn and get the most out of it is late afternoon into the night. It would be best to set the sprinklers on a timer to cut on and off so it doesn't slip your mind and stay on too long. While you are sitting watching the sprinklers be sure to set the air condition on a temperature that is normally comfortable. We suggest a good 70-74 degrees for more people is a good comfortable temperature. Set it and leave it. Your air conditioner will do the rest and make you happy when you see your bill decreasing.

Image result for family composting4. Compost pile. Let me repeat- compost pile. I know I know- it'll stink and cause huge problems with stray animals-right? WRONG! A properly sealed compost pile even when opened to deposit waste actually does not carry the stinky smell as you would think. It helps the environment, cuts down on waste and can be used to plant healthy vegetables. Most people hate the idea but once a couple of months go by and you realize how much ease it is to have it you'll turn into a lover of them. The rich soil can then be used to grow vegetables and cut down on that cost from the grocery store.

This is just a list of normal and small everyday things you can do but there's numerous ideas out there that can get your family on the right track of saving. Check out some of the stories below for more ideas

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Jul 15, 2017

Repurpose Reuse Recycle - but in a cute way.....

Re-purpose Re-use Re-do Re-cycle All the do overs and use again ideas.....

The plastic water bottle use has been debated for years. It has became combated with the use of reusable water bottles; from ones that auto seal to bright and attractive colors; there's a water bottle for every taste. And honestly I cannot say I do not own 3 million :) Sadly, 100 million plastic bottles are still used and discarded every day and they are 80% non biodegradable. This accumulation of plastic trash is taking a toll on the environment. These bottles can't be burned because the produce toxic fumes. It's hard to find a way to reuse these bottles.

This idea started when I noticed how many cases of water I was buying and 75% of my recycling bin was full of water bottles. My initial thought was to crush them and save space, but that wouldn't completely solve the problem. There are cheap and innovative ways to reuse bottles I never thought about until I started looking. Luckily others realized this before I did and I found great ideas, here's a compilation of the great ideas I found. Hope you enjoy!

1. DIY No Sew Zipper Case / Candy or Supply Holder

maxresdefaultOrganize your children's pencils and pens in a hand and easy to clean zipper pouch. Simply cut the bottle 3/4 from the bottom of the bottle, add a zipper to the two pieces, and zip away. You can customize the size and length according to what your's storing. The would make cute parting gifts or a children's party. You could also organize your children's room with them and de-cluter. Follow the instructions here.

2. Soda Bottle Sprinkler

sprinklerWith summer in full spring for most southern states - water and kids are a necessity. To keep cool and keep them occupied for the summer - save some money with a water bottle sprinkler. Poke a couple of holes in a 2 liter bottle and attach it to the water hose and you just created a sprinkling water park in your backyard. Great for cookout and easy to use. Not only for fun, watering the garden all at the same time and keep your plants happy and hydrated too. Check out how they did it. 

bird feeder
3. DIY Bird Feeder

Helping nature with something they didn't even know they needed! I love this idea near a garden for your plants. The feeder will allow a pretty view and cost you no money if you have the items around the house already. Of course you can decorate and accessorize how you like. Cut some slits, stick a couple of old spoons in a water bottle, fill with bird food and there you go. Make sure every bird gets a spoon full. the picture to the right should be able to answer most questions and show you how to do it in less than a hour here!

4. A Mosaic Panting Anyone?

Look closely, there's not one drip of paint here. A great DIY project to start at the beginning of the school year with students and end the year with a completed "painting" of perfectly colored bottle caps. Make this beautiful eco friendly painting with no paint by collecting from friends and family. Plus you do not have to be an artist to do it. An easy and fun craft idea for any age.

5. Piggy Bottle Bank
Of course painting it pink would only be the icing on the cake but a great idea for the crafty bug in you for yourself or the kids. All you need is a bottle, scissors, and an imagination for decoration. A simple snip and tuck of the bottle and you should have a great time creating pigs. You can even make dogs or cows! Feel free to make it how you like. Here's in depth instructions here!

httpwww.socreativethings.comwp-contentuploads201305Reusing-plastic-bottles                                                      6. DIY Kitchen Storage
These old or used plastic bottles can make a great storage containers for dry groceries such as rice/noodles/or cereal. You can also take back some space in stead of laying these products down or in a free moving bag. See the instructions here  You will only need the bottles and a pair of scissors. You can even turn this into a kid friendly product by killing two birds with one stone.

See more here at this wonderful site that give more ideas

We hope you enjoy some money saving tactic you can do in your home for yourself and others. We always encourage others to do more conserving and re-using of products you trash or use in your home in a creative way. If you have any suggestions or ideas, feel free to send them over; we'd love to feature you in one of our blogs. If you liked our suggestions please comment, we love to hear from our customers.

As always, we strive to help you in the home and garden. Check out some of our eco friendly home and garden products here.

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