Jan 12, 2017

Circular Economy and The Next Big Thing to become a Billionaire

Circular Economy: 

what does it mean and how can it impact the world we live in

Why hasn't this been a thing all along I ask? Out of natural common sense with all the waste one household creates; with all the plastic piling up in the ocean and rivers killing animals; and more importantly the "over crowding" of streets and neighborhood - I feel this is a thing that should of been adopted and enforced a long time ago when the production of waste and materials were going through their "boom".... But hey! I'm just a bottom dweller on the  food chain so who's going to listen to me?

Having a circular economy means eliminating the concept of waste and realizing everything has a value. In short, quick, and simple terms: RECYCLE! Any and everything does have some capacity to be recycled and reused - anything that is and truth be told that these big corporations and companies know... it can save money and reduce waste. Instead of making landfills into trash mountains you can reuse and reuse and reuse something that took 5 dollars to make and it save you 30 extra dollars you would have spent in replacing that same 5 dollar item six different times you re-purchased it (small scale ratio but expand that into multi-million dollar things - get it? got it? good!) We can move the idea into effectiveness and out of efficiency that we have based everything on - quicker simple the better (NO NO NO) something a little work and effort can make a big difference (sounds like a quote that someone great said- but it's true!

If we center every business around this idea and get people, businesses and consumers to accept this idea - by 2030 it is a 4.5 trillion reward! Now tell me you don't want a piece of that pie! Of course we have to change the way we think and everybody stop being so driven by profits and gains but I think these companies that pollute the air and then have to send trillions to fix oil spills can spend that same trillion and turn it into something that is actually good for all invested. 

From the book "Waste to Wealth" by Accenture; "...the transition to a circular economy may be the biggest revolution and opportunity for how we organize production and consumption in our global economy in 250 years. Powered by advances in digital, it represents a huge opportunity for companies to create a circular advantage." My interest is peaked to read more about this topic and find our two things - how can it be done and how can I get in?

The never ending circulatory cycle can help a "product" or "item" have an everlasting life. Reuse and reuse and reuse. Why continue to waste and add to landfills and add to deaths of sea animals. We should have been doing something about the wastefulness of America and Americans ideals a long time ago...

Things will not and cannot be done unless we do this as a team and do it all together because they all go hand in hand. One place cannot be successful without the other helping the process along. This is great for everyone involved. Can't we see this a mile away or are we truly that blind?

The 5 business models that Accenture suggest on how to change: 

1. Circular Supply Chain - if a company needs products that are hard to find or destructive to the environment they have to pay a much higher price to get it and to use it. Products used should be renewable, recyclable, and biodegradable. It forces them to think about what they use and the life it lives long after it have left the production line. MAKE THEM ACCOUNTABLE!

2. Recovery and Recycling - have existing companies that know how to recycle and reuse the products that are needed to be re-made in some shape or form to live another life. 

3. Product-Life Extension - Just because something is old or outdated as marketing and advertising on TV leads you to believe; it's not true. Your item or product may work just fine. You will stopped being hoaxed into the "new and improved" instead "how can we fix it and give it new life" Relationships and refurbishments will be the business. 

4. Sharing Platform - 80% of things in your home are not used often - maybe once a month. Think about your items on a sharing platform - something like Uber- micro-entrepreneurs and renters can use what you have and return it; a new way to reuse, use to fullest capability, and save money- on a much larger scale

5. Product as a Service - Make retailers and manufactures bore the price of ownership! That would be something right? performance will outlive volume. companies will create new opportunities to build relationships with their consumers to keep them treating the product "nicely" You agree?

Things like this are possible. It's not just an idea anymore. Start-ups are running the world and making it a new place to thrive in. People are making use of what they have and how to save it without spending a breaking the bank to get what you need and what you want. It's not such a far fetch idea that it cannot be. Look at Uber. It's now a household name that we are coming more familiar with day in and day out. It's possible- Would you agree?

As always we are here to open your eyes and conserve a little money too!
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Dec 30, 2016

The Things You Never Think You Can Save Money On...

....but you can save big on!

If you haven't thought about it then you should really consider giving it some thought.... What are we talking about? Well here's a hint, we all use one everyday and more than once: a TOILET! When it comes down to it most people, even myself, don't think much about saving water and money by flushing your toilet and so on and so on. 

Well let us inform you and you make your decision from there. First lets do the comparison: You can save 77% of your water if your using a model made before 1980 (which are most common in home that haven't been built in the last 10-15 years), 68% of your water, or 54% of your water. Every flush uses gallons upon gallons of water that you do not even think about. You're suppose to flush your toilet, we agree, but it gets costly in water usage and waste. Yet, these are great numbers but for people, (as myself who don't know much about toilets) I want to know the numbers on my money! How will I actually save money? 

Looking over the Infographic to the right really gives me an understanding of how much water I use flushing, the benefits and the money I can save. It makes more sense reading I'm wasting an entire pool full of water or 20 gallons a day <that could serve an entire village> To the far right saving $50-60 a year is quite worth it! Imagine where that money could go... More coffee maybe?

So why should you? 

A low flow toilet can be pricey up front but think about how it will pay for itself the first couple years to come. Most people aren't buying a toilet everyday; and we get that; but when you do decide to save money or turn your home more water efficient, think about the things you use every day. The water faucet to brush your teeth or wash you hands aka aerators or when you flush your toilet three times yourself alone in one day... Consider the child who's amazed with flushing when you're potty training? The manly man who does the courteous flush? Imagine how many bottoms sits on your toilet and how much water you're wasting!! Pools and Pools upon Pools full of water!!

I mean let's be real here. If you can spend $5 a day on coffee that makes you go to the bathroom anyway; why not get a return on the flush?? Think about it in long terms, things can be easier and more reasonable when saving money on replacing a toilet.... want to continue to flush your money down the toilet? Hey, it's your choice, but know that you are wasting money every time you hit that little silver knob...
Check some of these toilets out that do a amazing flush, clean, and save! http://www.conservastore.com/Drake-Elongated-2-Piece-1-0-GPF-Toilet-by-Toto-p/02-1941.htm 

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Dec 29, 2016

Embracing Equality and Being Green!

Equality is a Small Step in a Green Minded World

Many people think that embracing equality is just the price of admission. We don't equality is not the price to pay, it's the price, the ticket, and the show. More people should be open minded to love is love is love down to the bottom; but anyway.... we're talking about being GREEN - that's what's important here!! Considering the fact that a human is a human is a human- saving this planet we ALL share. We're talking about something meaningful for all people: period.

So how can you do something small to make a big change?

Doesn't matter is you're LGBTQ or Heterosexual; being green can be accomplished by making small steps to large ones. We thought it would be helpful to give you some tips and shortcuts so you know how to start your New Year's Resolutions right (and stick to it!). 


switching household cleaners that can be harmful to the environment reduces pollution both indoors and outdoors.This can also help heal asthma attacks and allergy triggers when shopping look for brands that offer plant-based cleaners. 

in simple terms a "free range" animal who had a most normal as possible life; labels are helpful so if they say "free-range" "organic" or "no hormone" its a GO! 

adding insulation to prevent leaky ducts and windows can                 improve your home's energy draw 20-30% (saving $$) and you can get something cheap like a door sweep or draft guard

removing your shoes at the door can prevent car exhaust, chemicals, and pesticides from entering and tracking all over your home (didn't think about how nasty the bottom of your shoe can be huh??

heating plastics can cause harmful chemicals to seep in your food. Even "mircowave-safe" containers are not safe to use.

what you cook your food in does have an important place in eating healthy. Non-stick pans, while convenient, if the scraping get in your food can be harmful. Use cast iron or stainless steel.

I know, I know, I hate pests too but try natural remedies. Also maintain preventative measures; keep a clean, crumb free kitchen, fill holes or cracks in walls, and take your trash out often.

For the most part, these tips seem pretty simple and straight forward. I personally think they are a great road to be better for years to come. You can even teach your children how to do small things like this to help out around the house.

We want to give thanks to realsimple.com for their informational post with this information. We love sharing and passing helpful information along to others.

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Dec 19, 2016


Being an Orlando based company, we feel we need and that it is appropriate to reach out and acknowledge the LGBTQ Community. We know of the tragedy that occurred on June 12, 2016; this tragic event should place an important thought in the forefront of our mind as a business, but more so as a human in this place called Earth. We all need to love and appreciate each other. We send our condolences to the families that had to suffer this terrible event and will be sending a prayer for all of you! 

With that said - Who are we? We're Conserv-A-Store; that is if you didn't know. We are an Orlando based company that sells eco-friendly products that encourage living a Eco-Friendly life with simple products. Though it has been months since the tragedy that happened in Orlando, FL; it's important to make our statement. We wanted to make it clear that we love all consumers; small, big, blue, purple, green, gay, or straight - We love all. We do not discriminate, we are all-inclusive!

We came across some interesting facts we'd like to share and furthermore get some real life feedback to see how accurate this info actually depicts our main consumers' ideas. Let's first define what we understand as the LGBTQ Community (if we are wrong, tell us)

LGBTQ: "LGBTQ" is an abbreviation that originated in the 1990s and replaced what was formerly known as "the gay community." The abbreviation was created to be more inclusive of diverse groups. LGBTQ stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (and/or questioning) individuals/identities.

I thought this was a pretty basic explanation and easiest way to say it quite frankly. Though we are looking to reach out to this group specifically we would like any feedback. What's more interesting is the quoted buying power in this community.   

"The combined buying power of the U.S. LGBT adult population for 2014 was estimated at $884 billion. The largest recorded disposable income of any niche market. The LGBT community also has a reputation for being fiercely loyal to brands that support their people and causes."

That's amazing and as a seller of goods and products we are peaked with interest to reach out to these demographics. Not only for the buying power but to make sure that we as a business is all inclusive and making our products (which save the world's supply of resources) accessible to all people. We could care less who you love. We are all humans living on earth. Period. 

Being eco-friendly and buying conscious is a niche market and more importantly something that needs to be more widespread among all people. It doesn't even take a lot of money to do it either. Slightly changing the little things you do on a daily basis (i.e showering, flushing the toilet - you can't imagine how much money goes down the drain, and also running water at the sink when brushing your teeth) doesn't take much effort. You can start for less than $20! Need help or have questions? Go to www.conservastore.com to get help or ideas! 

Further more we've read on different blogs that the LGBTQ Community are more conscious of their buying choices to be eco-friendly than others. Some blogs even said individuals in the community are "cleaner" than straight individuals. Personally, I can agree, I have friends that are in the community and I was pretty impressed at how neat and organized their homes and offices are. Almost made me feel like I've been doing this wrong all along - have I been under a rock? We want all to be eco-friendly but being a niche based company for consumers, sometimes you have to look at the bigger picture. The bigger picture for us is being able to be accessible to all and make sure we are on the right track. From Faucet Aerators to Water-Saving Showerheads - we think being green and eco-friendly is a necessity for all. 

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Thank you to the websites below that provided us with additional info:https://www.visioncritical.com/lgbt-ads/http://www.greenrubino.com/reaching-the-lgbt-consumer/

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Dec 11, 2016

Wall St Babies and the Next Great Paradigm

We watch CNBC, Fox Business, and Bloomberg Business a bit each day to see what's going on

Does it not get sickening to hear all the stock and bond folks they parade on endlessly complain about how the low oil, gas, coal, and commodity prices are ruining their returns.

We are middle aged white males so guess we can openly criticize this population of largely middle aged white males that want to maintain and profit off an economic paradigm and structure that was set up in the late 1800's and has(with exception of war time) been taught by the Harvard Business or Wharton Schools of the world where many of these Wall Streeters go year after year after year

Could it be that the neighborhood is changing and these misguided folks either have not or most likely will not catch on and what they are being taught every year in Boston and Philadelphia is WRONG

Could it be it's time to reward the companies that offer their shareholders and customers a total sustainable production flow. What do I mean? Well Ford* instead of being rewarded by "The Street??" for making 1.5 million cars vs 1.3 million cars would be rewarded for making 1 million cars all of which will never be put into a waste stream. Every part for those cars will eventually be reused. And will use less fuel either fossil or electric than their competitor models

What about if Ford is rewarded for having a fleet of  zero emission cars(have you seen the pics of Delhi recently with pollution largely due to a polluting automotive infrastructure)

The interest in the COP21 in Paris shows that most countries favor at least a consideration of reducing pollution be it CO2, particulate, or other gases. These are the customers of the large Fortune 500 companies that make up the S&P, Dow, and other indices that are down because of their over reliance oil, gas, and metals to make money each day.

Let's bring sustainable business into the main stream so that the wild swings in commodities that these Wall Streeters feast on do not have such an affect on the perception of economic success

*We're not picking on Ford since they have embraced Hybrid and EV technology a bit and are trying-although not as quickly as we would like. But most Americans know what a Ford is and can identify this logic we feel hence why we use them as an example

**We write this in Fall '16 with Trump soon to be in the White House and oil and gas legacy folks w/ key positions in the cabinet-do we really want to go back to $4/ gallon as was experienced in the Bush years; the last time oil and gas folks were running things and oil and gas stocks were plumbs do to insane earnings--but oh yeh the economy was in a tank so Wall St Babies were complaining about that.

*** We'll update this blog often we hope to see how the new administration does but this article about Joe Biden's thoughts are promising

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