Mar 29, 2006

Benefits of Full Spectrum Lighting

Full Spectrum Light is defined as light that covers the entire spectrum from low ultraviolet to infrared and above; in particular, sunlight is full spectrum. Natural light from the sun and sky has a balanced spectrum renduring colors perfectly.

Full Spectrum Light Bulbs are not colored or coated which could wear off. Instead, they are made with pure neodymium primarily found in Europe. This rare earth element (neodymium oxide) that is also used in space and laser technology is mixed right in with the glass that acts as a natural spectrum filter to diffuse the dull yellow and green parts. This will produce a truer natural color which helps create a very pleasing environment.

Benefits of Full Spectrum Lighting:
- Can be found in 20K hour light bulbs (26x longer lasting)
- Helps people see and feel better
- Reduces eyestrain and glare
- Colors are enhanced
- Improves visual Acuity
- Truer natural color
- Helps to create a natural light and healthy indoor environment
- Helps skin tones appear natural

Full spectrum lighting is great for homes, offices, display lighting, medical, hospital, reading, plant light, retail stores, vanity mirrors, museums, studios, pets (reptiles), aquariums (dry or wet), galleries, schools, kitchens, and bathrooms.

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