Jun 27, 2006

How To Make Your Own Rain Barrel

The City Of Winter Garden promotes water conservation by use of rain barrels. You can put yours together for about $30.00.

Tips for using your rain barrel:
- Do not use collected water for drinking, cooking or bathing.
- Keep the lid secure so children or animals cannot fall into the barrel.
- Disconnect the barrel during the winter to avoid constant overflow during the rainiest months. Attach it in the early spring to fill it for use.
- Most recycled barrels need to be cleaned before first use.
- If a moss killer has been used on the roof let a couple of rainfall events go by before collecting the roof runoff.
- Elevate your rain barrel slightly to make access to the spigot easier.
- The screened louver vent will prevent mosquitoes from breeding in your barrel.
- Consider joining multiple barrels for additional capacity!

Step 1
- Use a hole saw, a saber saw, a keyhole saw or a drywall saw to cut a hole on the top of your barrel.
- Drill two holes with a 15/16” drill bit, one towards the top for an overflow and one towards the bottom of the barrel for the faucet.
- Rinse your barrel out thoroughly, as it previously had a food product in it.

Step 2
- Twist threaded side of the plastic hose bib adapter into into the 15/16" threaded hole towards the top of the barrel.
- Prepare the threaded side of hose bib:
Wrapping it tightly with teflon tape, make four or five rotations until all the threads are covered; or
Applying a thin ribbon of All Purpose Adhesive Caulk, PVC glue or similar sealant.
- Twist in the threaded and now prepared end of the faucet into the 15/16" threaded hole towards the bottom of the barrel.

Step 3
- Cover the hole in the top by placing the louvered screen onto the barrel with the louvered side up and the screen side down.
- Slide a hose onto the hose adapter at the top of barrel to direct the overflow water away from your home.
- Place two cinder blocks under the selected downspout and place the barrel on this raised base.
- Cut your downspout about 4" above the top of the barrel, add an elbow, and make any final adjustments to the base and barrel.
- Add a hose on the faucet or keep it available to fill a watering can.
- Secure your rain barrel to the house with aluminum banding and crews
- Enjoy your rainbarrel!

What you'll need:
- Drill
- Hole Saw (a saber saw, a keyhole saw, or a drywall saw will also work)
- 15/16" Drill Bit
- 3/4" Plastic Hose Bib
- Louvered Screen
- Teflon Tape or All Purpose Caulk


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