Jul 17, 2007

Cancrusher and Canpactor Product Review

With recycling becoming more and more of a practicing standard, an effective way of reducing our recyclable goods becomes necessary. Because of this necessity we provide you with two distinguishable items to help accomplish this job. The Cancrusher and Canpactor are two items that will help accomplish this task.

The Cancrusher provides a small and portable method of crushing up to 10 cans at once. The item is made from recycled plastic which helps make this item recyclable itself. One of the most prominent features of this item besides its saving space is its ability to make you money. By taking your crushed cans to a local scrap facility, they will pay you for your cans that can be used to help produce other products.

The Canpactor provides an effortless way of crushing cans. You simply place the can in the crusher on the top of the garbage bin and as you deposit the cans into the Canpactor and watch it crush the cans easily. This is suitable for businesses, schools, officers and other locations with high traffic. Like the Cancrusher you can make money by taking your crushed cans to a local scrap facility.

Next week look forward to some more interesting product reviews. The aim of Conserv-A-Store is to help promote the Green Movement and save our planet. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more upcoming articles.

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