Oct 11, 2007

Water Conservastion Kit

Water Conservation is becoming a big issue among activists today. Because of the growing concerns of reducing our water consumption, we at Conserv-A-Store would like to offer people an alternative that will help reduce water use. Our 10 Piece Indoor Water Saving Water Conservation.

The Conservastion Kit includes: 1. Prismiere showerhead, 2. 2.2 GPM swivel kitchen aerator, 3. (2) 1.5 GPM dual thread bathroom aerator, 4. leak detection dye tablets, 5. toilet displacement tank bank bag, 6. toilet fill cycle diverter, 7. roll of 1/2"x30" Teflon tape, 8. shower flow rate bag. Each of these items can be purchased individually but would take use of the savings from purchasing our kit. So be sure to purchase this low priced item for big saving sin the future.

Next week look forward to some more interesting product reviews. The aim of Conserv-A-Store is to help promote the Green Movement and save our planet. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more upcoming articles.

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