Jan 16, 2008

20,000 Hour Full Spectrum Light Bulbs

Conserving energy is becoming a big issue for home owners. With technology increasing, our electric bills seem to continue to rise. Fortunately at Conserv-A-Store we offer products that can help reduce part of your electric bill. Our 20,000 Full Spectrum Light Bulbs are durably made to last longer than ordinary bulbs.

Our Full Spectrum light bulbs come the following styles: 75 Watts, 100 Watts, and 150 Watts. So if you are looking to cut your energy costs and want a variety in your choices of light bulbs, then be sure to check out our selection.

Next week look forward to some more interesting product reviews. The aim of Conserv-A-Store is to help promote the Green Movement and save our planet. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more upcoming articles.

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