Jan 13, 2008

Today's Conservastore Energy-Saving Tip is courtesy of the Jerri Farris book 10-Minute Energy Saving Secrets 250 Easy Ways to Save Big Bucks Year Round :

Watch your energy use with Household Appliances("appliances account for about 20% of home electrical use"):

1.Figure the cost of the appliance use:
a)Watts[(amps x volts) from the appliance specification info somewhere on the appliance body] x the number of hours/month the appliance is used / 1000 = Kilowatt hours per month
b)Cost of a Kilowatt hour from your utility bill x the Kilowatt hours per month from a) above = monthly cost of running the appliance

2.All purchases of new appliances should take the above calculation into consideration.

3.Typically the model with the Energy Star logo will be more energy saving.

4.Avoid using appliances whenever you can by for example Air drying laundry outside or in the pantry or garage and Avoid ironing by purchasing no-iron clothing.

5.Other good tips:
a)For the frig-position it away from heat sources.
b)For the oven-Plan energy-efficient meals by "cook(ing) everything for a meal in the oven or in one pot.
c)For the dishwasher-Fill it before using it and let the dishes air dry by leaving the door open after the wash cycle.
d)For the washer- Use cold water unless clothing is heavily stained.

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