Jul 29, 2008

Solar Powered Garden Accent Post Light Product Review

Solar Powered lights are leading the way into the future as a energy saving and cost saving measure. Conserv-A-Store is proud to present the arrival of a Solar Powered Garden Accent Post Light for your solar needs. One of the best features of a solar light is that you can choose any location for the light without the worry of wiring and electricity.

No wiring required– assembles and installs in seconds. The solar panel converts sunlight into electricity and charges the rechargeable battery during the day. At night, light turns on automatically. 2-year limited warranty.

Features include:
* Black finish with frosted glass lens
* Overall height of fixture and stand is 85 3/4" over 7 feet tall
* Includes top mounting stand for added versatility
* Two special internal reflectors enhance and disperse light evenly

Available Now. Visit Conserv-A-Store for additional products.

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  1. It’s not only ecologically sensible and popular to use alternative energy sources for a great many purposes, it can be a real money saver and even an answer to some technical problems. Solar yard lights are one such use that can benefit many people, some of whom may not have previously even thought about solar powered outdoor lighting options.

    Landscaping lights can add beauty to your yard as well as using them for safety and visibility at night. The illumination from these lights can make walkways and driveways more visible and safer, as well as discouraging intruders if attached to the building exterior. Statues, fountains and special plantings can be illuminated and highlighted by landscape lights also.

    There are many advantages that come from lighting your yard with solar powered lights. The most obvious is that every bit of electricity required to light your yard will add to your electric bill, and solar-powered lights consume no electricity. Many years ago, expensive solar lights redeemed themselves over several years by saving homeowners money. Now, however, solar-powered lights are no more expensive than conventional electric lights. Once your solar light is installed, you will never pay another cent to use it until it is time for the light to be replaced.

    Another advantage of lights that use solar power is that they are simple to use, without any hassle.