Nov 19, 2008

Free Solar-Powered WiFi Coming to a Town Near You

Written By Jaymi Heimbuch
Courtesy Of Tree Hugger

Tired of trying to find a decent café with free WiFi, or waiting in front of the library until it opens so you can hop online and check email? Meraki, a company big on getting Internet access to everyone, is working to make finding a free connection while out and about a whole lot easier for you.

Starting December 4th, they’ll be shipping solar-powered WiFi units, so you can have WiFi wherever, whenever.

Meraki came up with the idea awhile ago - in fact we reported on a similar development from the company last year. But finally, we'll have high-grade units shipping out. Companies can purchase the units to put on their building to be a hot spot, or cities can purchase units so the whole town can be linked up.

The Meraki Solar mesh repeater enables you to provide wireless coverage over large outdoor areas quickly, and without the expense associated with running power cables. It is also integrated with Meraki Dashboard, enabling you to monitor and configure your solar unit remotely. Each unit is completely self-contained and ready to mount on roofs, poles, or anywhere else the sun shines. The Solar is completely energy independent and runs on its own state-of-the-art solar-charged battery.

It is part of Meraki’s mission to give everyone cheap access to the Internet. While it is somewhat expensive at the initial investment, having the units be solar powered means that it will be even less expensive in the long run for a location to offer Internet connectivity, and places that wouldn’t normally have a hot spot, such as parks, can be hooked up.

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