Dec 1, 2008

A New Social Networking Site for Greens

Tapping into consumer's buying power and their desire for conversation and connections, Greenwala Inc. launches a public beta version of The founders designed the community to be the first social network that brings people together with brands committed to living and fostering a sustainable lifestyle.

We developed Greenwala because too many other online and offline green communities are fragmented and disorganized, not to mention negative. We're excited about the opportunities to make the world a cleaner, sustainable place, and we're not alone. We thought there was an opportunity to create a network where people could share that enthusiasm.

We envisioned Greenwala as a social media and marketing company that provides the ultimate delivery mechanism to showcase green-based products, solutions and ideas for consumers and business owners.

Greenwala's flagship product is a social community made up of "greenwalas" -- people who share knowledge and help others live a greener lifestyle. Within this community, members can learn to be green, brag about being green and share their actions with their friends, family and community.

By uniting consumers and business owners interested in green with the companies and organizations that provide sustainable products and services, Greenwala is paving the "last mile" of sustainability as an easy-to-embrace shade of green. The "last mile" is a concept that refers to the widespread proliferation and adoption of sustainable technologies, products, services and practices already available to consumers.

Through direct interaction with consumers in its network, Greenwala is able to work with brand marketers to create online viral campaigns that span the last green mile.

We wanted to provide marketing solutions to organizations looking for avenues to broadcast their green messages to a targeted base of influencers within and beyond the Greenwala community.

Greenwala accomplishes this by:

  • Getting people talking. Its word-of-mouth network of passionate people partners with brands to create meaningful connections.

  • Giving members a reason to connect with brands.

Courtesy Of The Daily Green

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