Jan 26, 2009

The Best CFL Bulb for Indoor Lighting

Switching to compact fluorescent light bulbs is one of the easiest money-saving eco-changes you can make, which is why we at Low Impact Living want everyone to upgrade to these energy-efficient bulbs. After all, CFL bulbs are even available in dimmable versions — and easier to recycle than ever.

Still, some early adopters got burned by the less-than-pleasant light from some of these new CFL bulbs. Now, many CFLs work great — and we’ve put together a guide to shine a light on the best bulbs. While personal preferences obviously play a big role in deciding which bulb gives the most beautiful light (for all I know, perhaps you’ve always wanted a slightly greenish-hued light in your living room), here are the CFL bulbs that have gotten top marks from the average user:

n:Vision Soft White. This bulb most consistently gets raves, even winning the highest rating from from Popular Mechanics. A New York Times review also named this n:Vision bulb as a crowd favorite. The bulb comes on immediately and provides a warm, pleasant light bright enough to read by — though a Grist review complains of “a more garish hue coming out the top.”

n:Vision bulbs are available at Conserv-A-Store.

Overall, soft white CFL bulbs are more popular than bright white bulbs, because the latter can often be too garishly bright. Still, the bright whites could be useful for places like your garage or bathroom. Have a CFL bulb you love — or love to hate? Share your review in the comments!

Courtesy of Love Impact Living

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