Jan 17, 2009

How to turn your computer green

What you can do to make your computer use more environmentally friendly

  • Turn your computer off when it’s not in use. Make sure that your operating system's energy-savings settings are correct.
  • Try to make your machine last as long as possible — if it has ground to a halt, consider reinstalling the operating system afresh, rather than buying a new machine.
  • When the time comes to buy a new computer, explore the green policies of a machine’s manufacturer. Apple, Dell and Asus claim they are leaders in this field.
  • The bulk of your computer’s energy use is dictated by your power supplier, and many electricity and gas companies offer tariffs that use renewable sources.
  • If you have a website, remember that every uncompressed picture and every badly written bit of code has a direct impact on the environment and on the time it takes a site to load. If your site is speedy, it will usually help its search rankings, too..
  • When disposing of unwanted electronic equipment, remember that recycling it intact, for other people to use, is usually much better for the environment that dismantling it.

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