Apr 6, 2009

A Book Review! True Green Home: 100 Inspirational Ideas For Creating A Green Environment At Home

I was recently given the opportunity by National Geographic to review their newly published book, True Green Home: 100 Inspirational Ideas for Creating a Green Environment at Home. Written by Kim McKay and Jenny Bonnin, True Green Home is the fourth in their series of True Green books and incorporates what they’ve learned from building and renovating their own homes.

True Green Home’s ten chapters of ten green ideas each, covers just about every aspect of a green home from choosing a building site and renewable materials to implementing energy- and money-saving ideas throughout the house, outdoor living area and garden. While some of the ideas are more involved and take a little planning, others require nothing more than a trip to the hardware store or a little imagination. Whether planning to build, renovate or just apply green concepts to the home environment, True Green Home offers a multitude of ideas, many of which are inexpensive, easy to implement and will reduce your carbon footprint. True Green Home helps you choose products in your everyday life that are not only healthier, but use less energy in their production.

In True Green Home you’ll discover…

    • green issues to consider when choosing a location for a new home and how best to deal with old materials and choose new materials when building or renovating
    • the culprits that cause bad air in your home and green ways to clean it. Your indoor air can be worse than outdoor air. Yeah, really!
    • how to save energy and money by knowing how best to use your window dressings. Did you know that there’s a way to keep the heat outside and lower indoor temperatures by as much as nine degrees?
    • a simple way to extend the life of your microwave oven and keep it out of the landfill
    • one of the biggest energy consumers in the home
    • how just a drop of food coloring in the toilet tank can save up to 200 gallons of wasted water a day
    • which recycled items can be used in your bathroom rather than buying new, mass-produced, energy-intensive ones
    • how to prolong the use of your cotton bath towels between washings
    • recipes to make your own chemical-free air fresheners and stain-removers, as well as chemical-free suggestions for cleansers for your home
    • how to achieve a paperless home
    • how to garden while saving water and maximizing your garden’s success
    • how thoughtful planting of trees and shrubs can keep your home cool

Each chapter of ideas is followed up with a case study of those who have worked to incorporate green principles into their own businesses and organizations.

I really enjoyed True Green Home and recommend it to anyone who wants to lessen their impact on the environment. Although some of the ideas are familiar, many are not, and True Green Home organizes all of them into an easy-to-read format, accompanied by relative, inspiring photography. The glossy softcover has a fresh, clean look that is suitable for the coffee table, yet is practical (approximately 8″ x 8″) for carrying along as a reference while working on your green projects. And of course, True Green Home is printed on recycled paper!

True Green Home: 100 Inspirational Ideas for Creating a Green Environment at Home is available through National Geographic’s online store and at Amazon.com.

March 18th, 2009

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