May 14, 2009

Hands Free Faucets

On average, a bathroom remodel costs $15,789 and a kitchen remodel costs $55,503 according to Remodeling Magazine’s 2007 Cost vs. Value report. But you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to get a fresh look in your home. Focus on the items that get used the most, like the faucet.

“The faucet is really a focal point in the bathroom and kitchen,” says Andy Martin of Fontaine Faucets. “It’s the item that gets used the most, and therefore, it always gets noticed. A new faucet is like an instant facelift that can provide upgraded style, functionality, or both! And it’s one of the more easily accomplished DIY projects.”

The faucet has come a long way from years past when it was simply a means of delivering water inside the home. It has become a centerpiece of style. Now, taking that evolutionary step beyond just beautiful designs and great finishes, technology is starting to play a role in the world of water delivery. Helping to combat the spread of germs, conserve water, and help our environment, technology in the form of hands-free operation is making its mark in our homes.

What is a hands-free faucet? They are new "tap on demand" faucets for kitchens. They build upon the technology for faucets in public restrooms that turn on with the wave of a hand. With simple taps or pre-sets you can adjust flow, temperature, and pressure on the kitchen faucet hands-free. The faucets can include motion sensors and a traditional handle if you want to use your sink in another mode.

Touch-free faucets are now available for residential use and are becoming increasingly popular in homes around the country. These new faucets offer homeowners a myriad of advantages:


Hygiene: Because it does not require touch, hands free faucets are effective in reducing the spread of germs. This is beneficial for families or areas that experience high traffic.

Water Conservation: Water is only used when the sensor detects a hand next to the faucet. This will minimize the amount of water that is wasted.

Style: When first introduced many hands free faucets did not have a very aesthetic appeal for housing. Today though you can find a variety of finishes & styles that appeal to your taste.

Example of Hands Free Faucet

TapMaster is an assembly of two basic components - the valve block that connects in-line to the hot and/or cold water lines and the pilot/actuator valve that activates the unit. A standard TapMaster consists of two valve blocks one for each hot and cold water line and one pilot/actuator valve that may use a cabinet door or foot activator. The versatility and adaptability of this component design allows for a variety of configuration to suit virtually any faucet/sink arrangement.

No electrical, no batteries, no electronics. TapMaster operates using water pressure in existing water lines. Installation hardware and detailed instructions included. 5 year limited warranty

This Hands Free Faucets & many others are available at

Hands Free Faucet

Visit our Tapmaster Central page where you can more information about the Tapmaster.  

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