Jun 5, 2009

Mr Obama's Trip to Saudi Arabia

Mr Obama's speech in Cairo was very impressive and hopefully leads to a better world for us all.

It was distressing to see that he had to first stop in Saudi Arabia and give respect to King Abdullah.

Perhaps that was to provide a basis to his speech on worldwide Islam since Islam was established in what is now Saudi Arabia. But sadly we feel it is also to give homage to the country with the largest available sources of oil and gas in the world.

Thankfully Mr Obama greeted the King as an equal and did not kiss him and walk around arm and arm with him as George Bush did.

We find it troubling that we are so beholden, due to our oil and gas addiction, to a country that is not the greatest promoter of democratic principles even though it purports to be a strong leader of Islam(a religion whose tenets in their purest form often seem in tandem with the freedoms of democracy).

The amount of oil and gas reserves Saudi has is astronomical when the amount of daily worldwide demand is considered. Think of all the uses of petro you see in your daily life then multiplied by the huge total consumption of communities like yours throughout the world. The Saudis supply a large part of all that demand hence their power.

So we appeal to the residents of the USA to see a day in the future where the US President at that time WILL NOT need to stop in Saudi to kowtow to them only for a USA oil addiction.

That day will be made possible by among the following:

-Americans using less oil for transportation:
by driving smaller cars
by driving cars of different power sources such as hydrogen, electric, ethanol
by using public transport whenever possible

-Placing an intangibles tax on foreign oil imports that begins to equal the cost of the lives of Americans lost and cost of the US Military to keep these foreign oil source countries free of terrorists

-When Americans realize as they are beginning to that the low oil price days are eroding quickly and that oil prices > $3/gallon do serious damage to the US economy so alternatives must be found.

We hope and believe we will see this day in the next 20years

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