Sep 10, 2009

California prefers emission reductions from Conservation

In a Reuters article, "California favors efficiency over alt energy" California Air Resources Board Chair Mary Nichols said:

"We believe that most of the reductions (in emissions) coming from the electricity sector as a whole are going to come from energy efficiency and conservation rather than the introduction of renewables,"

from Reuters:
California's climate change plan is the most ambitious in the nation in terms of raw cuts in carbon dioxide emissions, and it may retain its status as the undisputed leader, in some ways to its chagrin. Nichols said the state wanted to be ahead, not alone, and she voiced skepticism over when a federal climate bill could pass.

Nichols also mentioned the importance of smaller alternative energy projects:
"You could do small centralized projects, small fuel cells in a lot of locations. You could even do some thermal projects, even small wind. There are opportunities for rooftop wind projects in certain areas," she said.

Seems as though California, largely driven by necessity of fewer natural resources, is hopefully forcing the USA to play with the larger innovators in Climate change such as Japan and certain western European countries as the Copenhagen Climate conference looms

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