Nov 8, 2009

Let's be Patient with Copenhagen's Expectations

It's a small world but it's also a gigantic world when all the possible opinions of the many governments and people out there is considered. The upcoming Climate Change conferences in Copenhagen Denmark will attempt to extend and improve agreements made in Kyoto Japan years ago. The views of all those in the world will need to be considered.

We respect the process and realize there is no way that massive changes can occur but in many ways has the public's perception of Climate change issues not really improved since Kyoto? The terms "global warming", "climate change", "green", etc are now ripe in the lexicon of most language and young people everywhere are being taught about what humans can possibly do to the Earth in which they live. People like Al Gore, whether you like him or not, have brought the discussion to the mainstream and made many large companies come up with Climate Change policy which perhaps they did not have prior to Kyoto.

Let's realize that large industry, whom climate change mandates will hurt most immediately, naturally do not want to spend on the controls that reducing climate change will call for. But we must remind these industrialists that they are producers of goods but also consumers of the Earth's air and temperature quality and what it can do to humans if very caustic.

It may not hurt if you do have strong feelings about Climate Change for you to contact your US House Reps and US Senators and let them know what you think. The squeaky wheel in a democracy usually gets a little oil at least.

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