Dec 13, 2009

Copenhagen Climate Conference Update Day 6

Looks like the biggest development on Saturday at the Copenhagen Climate Conference was the large march of upwards of 50,000 persons, mostly peaceful protesters, although there were around 1000 persons arrested for less peaceful protests. Here's more:
-968 detained in Copenhagen climate march


-The bargaining to hash out some type of agreement continues


-There is a definite "Rich Country" vs "Poor Country" theme so far in the debate.

Not sure we totally agree with the theme that because the "Rich Countries," guess that means more industrialized countries, have enjoyed the benefits of past industrialization that they should pay for the future reduction of global warming costs for the "Poor Countries."
We definitely believe the world is one and all peoples should be considered but the political realities in certain "Poor" countries such as Zimbabwe, Burma, etc are not necessarily the fault of industrialized countries. Also to give random funding to some of these "Poor" countries with extreme political problems might just enrich the small group of people running the country and do nothing to affect climate change.

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