Dec 15, 2009

Copenhagen Climate Conference Update Days 8 and 9

The biggest news from the Day 8 Copenhagen Climate Change Conference activities was the short term walk out of some of the "Poor" countries in complaint over being forced to pay for years of pollution by the "Rich" countries
-Poor countries agree to resume climate talks

The ongoing discussion of "Poor" vs "Rich" countries is a bit astounding to us. This should be a collective effort of all countries which considers that some countries, in order to relieve their populace from poverty, might product CO2 at a faster rate than the prior largest CO2 producers.
"Rich vs Poor" seems like something more from a Victorian novel than the UN in the 21st century.

The Governator, Mr Schwarzenegger, is at the conference today. It is sometimes hard to tell when he is trying to get publicity or truly cares about an issue,but to non-Californians as we are, he appears to realize that Green job growth is a positive for his state and the US and the world.
We hope and assume that Green jobs cut CO2 use.

We still harken back to population control as the easiest remediation of reducing CO2 production and in all the reading we have done on the Conference we have not seen much on that?

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