Dec 17, 2009

Copenhagen Climate Conference Update Day 10 and 11

Day 10 of the Copenhagen Climate Conference was in many ways like the other days. There were protests outside the Bella Ctr where the conference is being held, and there was a lot of discussion but no real progress as the "Developing or Poor" countries are asking the "Developed or Rich" countries to make future cuts in emissions that may be untenable.

The next 36 hrs should be action packed though as Barack arrives and the heads of many countries will also be at the event.

The Environment Minister of Brazil was just on a tv program this morning and seemed to feel that the weight of having all the political leaders in the house and the pressure for them to take something home as progress toward world climate change protection could force some type of agreement that would be helpful.

Some other developments include:

Countries pledge billions for rain forests

Senator Kerry says that passing an agreement will lead to a similar US agreement

The FT(US to back $100bn climate aid fund By Ed Crooks and Andrew Ward in Copenhagen Published: December 17 2009) reports that:

"The US attempted to break the deadlock at the United Nations’ climate conference in Copenhagen on Thursday by publicly backing an offer from developed countries to provide poorer nations with $100bn per year by 2020 to fight climate change......The $100bn proposed by the US would be made available by rich countries to help poorer nations cut their emissions and cope with the effects of global warming.....The $100bn should be made available only in the event of a legally binding agreement – which was the minimum expected to be agreed in Copenhagen before the meeting began"

China is still a large stumbling block to the negotiations so we will see if they can be coerced into an agreement

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