Jan 16, 2010

Update on Worldwide Solar PV Manufacturing

Gordon Johnson of Hapoalim Securities in New York is sort of an oracle of what solar photovoltaic(PV) stocks and companies are doing. I saw him on Bloomberg's "Taking Stock" recently.

He feels that the Chinese producers are the one's to watch now since the cost of production is so much less in China. The Chinese are in ways copying the marketing approach the Japanese used with their autos in the early 80's. That is sell at the lowest possible price to gain market share.

He was also high on a company called Amtech Systems (ASYS) who recently got a boatload of orders-more than expected by analyts.

He was not too high on First Solar (FSLR)saying he feels they are attempting to focus on projects that are too large and may be untenable due to environmental complications.

Also the Street.com spoke of possible IPO's by 2 solar companies Miasole and Nanosolar.

"Miasole and Nanosolar have raised large amounts of capital, but it is still an open question as to whether they can bring their manufacturing costs down to the level where it allows them to really be commercially viable companies. That's been the stumbling block for many solar companies, and appears to be what Solyndra has going for it, but we still don't know for sure with Nanosolar and Miasole," Leming( Paul Leming, solar analyst with Soleil/Princeton Tech Research) said."

This is a fun industry to watch since it is still filled with relatively small producers and they are all forced to fight hard everyday to find their niche.

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