Feb 8, 2010

The Green Police

Yes we are Green nerds so we were not inspired by the "Google" ad or the "Betty White" ad or even the "Danica Patrick" ad, although they were all a fun part of the Super Bowl advertising experience.

We most liked the Audi ad that had the various miscreants trespassing on a normal Green life being jailed and fined by the "Green Police" with the exception of the Audi diesel drivers who drive off into the sunset uncontested.

We laugh at this ad because we hope one day it will come to this in perhaps a more moderate form.
The recognition that it could happen, that is being fined for leading a less than Green lifestyle, is a large win we feel. The Teabaggers will perhaps see it as one more assault on personal freedom but in that the results of a less than Green life lead to pollution and large land fills that can be viewed as an assault on personal freedom as well.

We applaud the creators and marketers of the ad but are curious how Green the Audi diesel really is?
Maybe the drivers of the Audi should have gotten a ticket from the Green Police and the "alcohol-from-biomass fuel" powered car should have gotten the pass. But then Audi has not made that yet sadly.

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