Feb 4, 2010

The Green Revolution can reduce our unemployment

That's what we're talking about. Finally proof that a move away from the oil and gas or the carbon economy can GROW our job base. But it can also be looked at as an interest in national defense because if we are left behind in renewable technology while other countries force themselves into a Green economy, we will not be able to compete in 30 years or so.

The number of clean-energy jobs in the U.S. would more than double by 2025 if the nation adopts a plan to get 25 percent of its electricity from renewable energy sources, says a report backed by energy firms.

Nationwide, 274,000 jobs would be created in the wind, solar, hydropower, biomass and waste-to-energy industries by 2025 if a 25 percent standard is adopted, says research firm Navigant Consulting. Those sectors now support about 196,000 jobs.

Unlike three dozen other countries, including China, the U.S. doesn’t have a national standard to drive use of renewable energy, although it’s being debated in Congress. President Obama has pushed for 25 percent renewables by 2025. Meanwhile, 30 states have renewable standards. Five have set goals.

Although many think Al Gore is a bit of a wacko, it would be interesting to play back time and see how far along or economy would be toward renewables if he had won in 2000 instead of the Texas oil interests. Would we already have a national standard and be 5-6 years ahead of China?

Navigant’s research, based in part on interviews with dozens of energy firms and suppliers, found that every state would see job growth with a 25 percent standard.

The biggest winners include states already strong in wind power generation or manufacturing, including Texas, Pennsylvania and Colorado. California, a leading solar state, would also be a big beneficiary.

The Southeast, meanwhile, would gain jobs in biomass, which includes turning wood and agricultural products into energy, Navigant says.

On the flip side, many states will lose clean-energy jobs if no national standard is passed, Navigant says. Texas, for one, could lose more than 2,500 jobs given its already big presence in wind and expiring tax credits for wind projects, Navigant says.

Without a strong national standard, Furman says, the U.S. wind industry could even lose jobs, especially to China. Last year, China became the No. 1 maker of wind turbine equipment. It’s also the No. 1 maker of solar cells for solar panels........

A national electricity standard has faced opposition from Southeastern lawmakers, who fear that it’ll benefit states with big wind and good sun. Southeastern states are largely dependent on coal and nuclear power.

"There’s no question that if you have a national standard, you’ll see an increase in green jobs," Schulz says. "But you’ll also have harmful effects."

We need President Obama to continue his drive for renewable energy jobs. As much as we agree with some of his health care initiative, the political force needed TODAY is for renewable energy jobs so we can transition away from oil and gas that comes largely from as Boone Pickens says, "People that don't like us too much," and foster and grow an energy industry that is By America and For America.
Renewable energy jobs are patriotic!!

non blue excerpts of the above blog are from USA Today Julie Schmit 2-4-10

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