Mar 16, 2010

Clean the World-Recycling Soap

What a great idea this organization has since we all rarely use all the soap that is offered when we stay in a hotel.

Here's a quick recap from the Orlando Sentinel on what the organization does:

•Hotels sign up with Clean the World and pay a tax-deductible, monthly fee of 50 cents a room.

•Housekeepers collect used soap and leftover shampoo and place it in plastic bins.

•Bins are collected by Clean the World drivers when full.

•Soap is sorted by volunteers, cleaned, sterilized and repackaged.

•Clean the World works with partnerships to distribute the goods to other countries, U.S. homeless shelters.

SOURCE: Clean the World

Heres the link to their web site

Clean the World

If you know a hotel motel manager or owner you may let them know about this great service to society

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