Mar 28, 2010

Copenhagen Climate Summit maybe a success in Retrospect

Tribune news services on Sunday, March 28th( report that the post Copenhagen summit commitments of some world powers leads one to believe that perhaps the Copenhagen summit was not a wash.

"The Copenhagen summit was 'no failure' and produced 'the highest number of new government initiatives ever recorded on (emissions reduction) in a four-month period'. Deutsche Bank, which tracks climate policy as part of its research on clean energy investments, declared in a report released last week. The report counted 154 new domestic policies attributable to the talks."

We remember the sort of odd dance between Brazil, India, and China who were pushing forward an agenda without the presence of Mr Obama who finally showed up to ask if he could join a last day meeting.

We think this is how action to quell climate change will be in the future. Certainly the Europeans have been instrumental in getting the entire thing going but it will be and should be the large developing countries that have the potential to pollute the most as their economies mature and should be leading the pack in trying to manufacture in a cleaner way.

America needs to be involved but will not be the driving force as it feels it should be in most large global initiatives of this nature.

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