Mar 7, 2010

Florida's Energy Star Rebate program in April 2010-Cash for Appliances

Are you in need of household appliances? Is the frig a bit old? does the washing machine leak a bit? Well now might be the time to make a purchase of a new appliance
Here's why

What is it:
State of Florida's Energy Star Appliance Rebate Program which runs from April 16-25
Coincides with Florida's Earth Day activities

What qualifies:
Six residential appliances qualify for the 20% rebate: refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, dish washers, room air conditioners, and gas tankless water heaters.

How will it help you:
20% off the price of a qualified Energy Star labeled appliance up to $1500 max per household
Trade in your old appliance to qualify for an addl $75 per old appliance

Where's the money come from:
American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

Fine Print:
Rebates to the purchase price only-not to delivery or installation costs

There has been discussion on whether or not the energy saving claims of Energy Star are truly tested thoroughly

Here's a good article from Popular Mechanics that speaks of how Energy Star could be improved compared to ratings by other countries
What's wrong with Energy Star:How to fix it

We will admit that we recently replaced an old frig and found our electricity savings were immediate and astounding.

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