Mar 31, 2010

How to be a Greenie and Have Good Sex

The interesting thing about the Green movement is that few stones are left unturned in discussions about how to become Green.

We saw a NY Post article(3-29-10 Lean, Green Sex Machine) that asks, "How to go eco in bed?"
and speaks of the soon to be release of a book entitled, "Eco-sex: Go Green between the Sheets and Make Your Love Life Sustainable" by Stefanie Iris Weiss.

We will try to read up on the book after the release and let you know our thoughts.

It is to include discussions of green vibrators and recipes that promote seduction.

We did read in the discussions of how sex can be more green.
It speaks of the importance of safe sex by using protection at all times.

The biggest contribution to practicing Green safe sex we could find is population control.

A blog reply pointed out:
"Them greenies are everywhere!

While I did find the article mildly enlightening, I do disagree about the population boom. Why is this message being broadcast loudly here, but not in countries that have rising populations with little food to feed them? This country does send food aid to several places, but it never gets to those that really need it. Religious and cultural beliefs (besides sex) are the biggest reasons that populations grow. Do we really wish to be like China in restricting how many children a couple is allowed to have?"

The discussions focus on different methods of birth control and which is better for the collective bodies of men and women. There is a mention of how most birth control modalities do have packaging that needs to be disposed of and a possible trash source.

We find this genre of being Green to be important but more a fad to sell books and create blogs(which we are contributing to). As long as the sexual partners are safe in their sex and do not produce un-wanted or too many(to us that means greater than 2) children, sex seems hard to Greenify really.

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  1. I found the book very interesting. More and more people are looking for ways to "green" their lives. Eating local organic. Using public transit. Taking bags to the grocery store. Why not green your sex life?

    Eco-sex made me broaden my definition of what green sex is. It's more than adult toys and lubes. It's also bamboo bedsheets, hemp lingerie and sexual health without pharmaceuticals.