Mar 18, 2010

Renewable Energy Investment Update 3-18-10

I saw an interview this am with Michael McNamara of Jeffries Intl Investments on Bloomberg tv.
He is a renewable energy manufacturing analyst based in London.
Here are some highlights from the interview:

He said that:

-Renewable energy spending is to be $200billion this year with the majority being spent on wind rather than solar energy- This is gigantic amount of investment monies.

-Wind is preferred over solar since it is easier to scale. Apparently most wind farms can produce up to 150 megawatts(1 million watts whereby most residential power requirements are quoted in kilowatts) where solar farms are more like 30 megawatt production.

-Wind energy is cheaper to produce and sell per kilowatt hour(number of kilowatts or 1000 watts used in 1 hr) than solar. It makes sense but is interesting to see higher prices of non renewables force the increase of renewables

-Wind investments have been hurt by the low prices of natural gas which compete with wind for utility power bases.

-As an investment he suggests the Portuguese wind power manufacturer EDP.
EDP Renováveis (English: EDP Renewables, Euronext: EDPR) is a company of the Energias de Portugal group which operates in the field of renewable energy. EDP Renováveis is the 4th biggest renewables company in the world and the second-largest generator of wind energy globally (after Iberdrola Renovables).from wikipedia

-He was not very positive on the German solar manufacturers as investments saying the cost of finished goods manufacture is so much lower in China

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