Apr 8, 2010

Battery Powered Car can go 1 week without charge

Here's another entry in the ever burgeoning electric car market.

A Croatian company, Dok-Ing is working on their model the XD.
Here's the link to the XD marketing site

Here are some stats on this concept car:

-The initial cost is expected to be about $40,000 but the company plans to reduce the price to around $26,000 when mass production begins.

-Dok-Ing is currently seeking additional funding to build the car, money that may come from the Croatian government or through a shareholder system that could allow private investors outside of Croatia to take over the company.

-Can reach speeds of 84 mph

-Charge time can take 6-8 hrs(which is not bad if it can be plugged in at nite)

-Importantly the charge may last up to 5 days-This is very important since many EV(electric vehicles) are limited by the short range-often as low as 50 miles on one charge

We are all for putting the stake in the oil and gas crack addiction that the oil giants have us in and tinkering by a bunch of creative engineers like those at Dok-Ing makes our day. We are at an inflection point now where the total market force needed to push us away from oil and gas is gaining strength. Sadly this force may not come from America whose oil and gas lobbyists are still way too strong!

Thanks to Reuters.com and the Green autoblog for some of the above information

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