Apr 23, 2010

Charlie Crist, Barack Obama, and Dean Cannon

These three folks from different parties, (believe Charlie Crist is a closet Independent) are all together in their thirst for oil off Florida's coast. Does the horrible explosion and sinking of the coastal Louisiana oil drilling rig not give them some pause?

We will say that the President did respond quickly to this horrible accident and so far the oil spill has not been as bad as it could be, but does the state of Florida really want to trust the oil drillers when they say that drilling is very safe for humans and the environment?

We get humor when we see the tv ads with the nice looking woman representing some oil and gas lobby who speaks of how safe off shore drilling is and how one drilling rig can service many more deep sea installations than in the past. Can we ask her some questions now that this accident has occurred. Can we get her to comment on this accident?

Messrs, Crist, Obama, and Cannon, why can we not try to do everything possible to get current manufacturers and technologists to do whatever they can to put the death knell not only to Saudi oil and gas but American oil and gas. It is a very dirty business that does create jobs but really makes only a few people very wealthy. There must be alternative modes of power that can be created and rolled out quickly.

Drilling off the beauty of Florida is not what is needed or an oil rig in 2020 will be draining right into Tampa Bay--hey Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco, and Sarasota county folk, how would you like that?

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