Apr 26, 2010

President Obama, Fla Governor Crist, Fla Representative Canon-The Louisiana Rig is now leaking

President Barack Obama
Governor Charlie Crist
Representative Dean Canon

The Coast Guard yesterday fessed up that the coastal Louisiana BP drilling rig is now leaking up to 42,000 gallons of unrefined crude oil per day as a result of the horrible explosion of last week.

Since we live in Florida we will speak of the affect of possible oil spills on Florida if coastal drilling is allowed near Florida's coast in the next 10 years.

Those that would be affected would be humans and non humans that is wildlife. The Louisiana spill will perhaps already affect sperm whales, porpoises, whale sharks, and coastal shellfish. This would of course happen if a spill took place near Florida.

But what about the raping of the Florida beaches which bring how much revenue to the state of Florida Representative Canon and Governor Crist? That's economic impact that you both as strong Republicans should be able to understand.

Having both been largely raised in Florida, have you not enjoyed the beauty of the Florida coast on both the east and west side.

You want to jeopardize this for what reason? So a few extra barrels of oil may be unearthed? So you may can get campaign donations from oil and gas industry donors? So there will be more oil and gas jobs?

Why not get together with the smartest engineers and inventors and technologists of U F, FSU, UCF, USF, Rollins, Eckerd etc and try to find a true alternative to needing oil at all.
Maybe that is too easy for you as politicians. You'd rather have the quick fix.

President Obama: We saw with your recent visit to Cape Canaveral that you can re-evaluate your opinion on technology. You are among the few on the Earth can set goals to get America off oil and gas soon-say in 20 years time.

Pushing an initiative such as this is truly worthy of a Nobel laureate.

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