May 1, 2010

Building Biologists

We attend a local Green Networking Group which had a Building Biologist as their featured presenter recently.

Building biology (or Baubiologie as it was coined in Germany) is a field of building science that investigates the indoor living environment for a variety of irritants. Practitioners consider the built environment as something with which the occupants interact, and believe its functioning can produce a restful or stressful environment. The major areas focused on by building biologists are building materials/process, indoor air quality (IAQ) and electromagnetic fields (EMFs).(wikipedia)

The Building Biology website

Some of the things the presenter discussed included:

-When possible allow outside air into your home at least once daily

-You want your bed room to be a "sleeping sanctuary" meaning it is clean, natural, and "electrically quiet"
By "electrically quiet" the presenter was adamant that the fewer electrical forces near your sleep area the better. This even included switching off the power to the house at nite

-Hard wire computers and no wi fi due to the risk of transfer forces causing allergies

-Beware cell phone use and do not raise near your head if possible

-Use natural soaps

-Use a muslin shower curtain to reduce the voc's in the plastic curtains

Building Biologists come equipped on home visits with instrumentation to do a study on aspects of your living area and how to make it safer for you from an allergen reduction standpoint

We'll continue our discussion on Building Biologists in the next blog

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