May 12, 2010

Get Healthy and Get Green

There are some ways to get Healthy and Get Green
Here are some tips from United Healthcare

The daily commute
Intensify it:
If your route allows, consider riding your bike. Just be sure to wear a helmet and follow the rules of the road. If you drive, park farther away from the door.
The benefit: Even at a leisurely pace, you can burn 290 calories in an hour riding your bike.

Washing the car
Intensify it:
Skip the automatic carwash. Instead, wash and wax your car yourself.
The benefit: You’ll likely get about an hour’s worth of moderate activity.

Yard work
Intensify it:
Mow your lawn with a push mower. Get fit and improve your landscaping by digging up garden beds or hoeing weeds.
The benefit: Light yard work burns about 330 calories an hour. Heavy yard work, such as chopping wood, is more vigorous — about 440 calories an hour.

Your weekly golf game
Intensify it:
Skip the golf cart and walk the course instead. Just be sure to bring plenty of water with you.
The benefit: In one hour, you can use up around 330 calories.

“Me” time with a new novel
Intensify it:
See if your library has an audio version. Then, you can listen to a great book while you hit the treadmill.
The benefit: Jogging or riding a stationary bike at a vigorous pace can consume 590 calories an hour.

Date night
Intensify it:
Head out for an evening on the dance floor with your significant other. You’ll get a great workout and have some fun, too.
The benefit: Dancing uses roughly 330 calories an hour.

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