May 21, 2010

Green Network Grp Meeting on Central Florida Zoo

Our Central Florida Green Network Group meeting on Wednesday featured Tanya Scheidegg the Conservation Coordinator for the Central Florida Zoo and Botanical Gardens as the guest speaker.

At each Green Network Grp meeting we attempt to have a local guest discuss how their job relates to green issues.

Tanya spoke of how making an agenda and doing little things at the zoo had saved the park a lot of money and made the zoo more sustainable.

For instance the zoo has upped it's access as a drop off point for paper, EPS foam, and other recyclables for Seminole County where it is located. Tanya says the Zoo is now making money on their recycling efforts.

Other things the Central Florida Zoo has done to become more Green include:

-Starting a Green store
-Using biodegradable plates and tableware made of sugar cane
-Having the yearly "Party for the Planet" celebration where Green vendors come to the park for the day to display their wares
-Continued movement of light bulbs to fluorescents and cfl's
-Monitoring of electrical and water use

Tanya said a sustainability assessment had not been completed due to cost but it was something they hope to complete in the next few years.

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