May 25, 2010

Oil Spill is Sad for what it is not doing

The oil spill is very sad to me for what it is NOT doing.

It IS:

-causing a major environmental catastrophe to a fragile eco system that is neighbors to mostly America's gulf states although Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean Isles may be affected in ways we do not know

-raising alarm over whether or not deep well drilling is right for the Gulf of Mexico at all

-putting the Democrats and Republicans together in out rage for the first time in many months

-damaging the livelihoods of many Gulf residents

but sadly it is NOT:

-causing the Politicians, Mr Obama included, to step up and say the only reason this spill has occurred is because of the unsustainable demand that the US has for petrol. If there is no demand there is no need to drill and no opportunity for a spill.

-causing the news media to focus on how the unsustainable demand we have for petrol is the root cause of the spill. They would rather send divers down in to the Gulf and show the horrible oil cloud rather than editorializing on What If We Changed our Lifestyle and Reduced our Oil Consumption by half

-changing the tune of the oil barons in any way. They are paraded on tv shows at will and all seem to see this as a minor blip and that they will be right back at the deep sea drilling biz as soon as the temporary ban is lifted

-most importantly resonating with the American public that they are the people that create the demand that creates the need for this crazy drilling that makes the oil barons so rich that they can donate at will to the politicians that will not have the guts to try and change our appetite

So America, if you are saddened by seeing the pics of the oil spill, don't vote for the Drill Baby Drill candidate, buy a more fuel efficient car, turn up your air conditioner temp, do more walking and less driving, consider alternatives to the classical oil and gas lifestyle you have practiced for your entire life.

This will all reduce the demand for oil and deep well drilling will be a waste of time!

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