May 7, 2010

Oil vs non Oil during the Oil Spill

Watching CNBC the other day and saw the Chair of Devon Energy

His total single focus on JUST the loss of life by the workers only of the BP oil rig was sad and concerning.
He made no mention of the millions of other humans affected by the gigantic oil spill or the thousands of species of plant and animal life killed or maimed.

These oil folk are funny people.
They obviously must be fairly intelligent to design and engineer systems that allow the retrieval of materials from so far below the sea bed.
But they are also very insular and even though they sell a commodity product, not too dissimilar from water, they do not seem to understand how the non-oil world views them.

This Devon Energy gent either did not care for or understand the fact that the product he sells was not made by his company. He is bringing up product that was formed by the Earth and a higher being with no intent that it be used by man. (Mineral rights could be viewed as a theft of the Earth's assets in some clever courts we assume.)

We feel these oil folk will never understand or care for how the non oil population hold them and their hubris will lead to more environmental disasters since they think they are near perfect now and do not want to spend the money to change.

The oil rig disaster is often compared to the shuttle disasters by big oil folks whereby a complicated man made system failed but was studied and repaired to make it better and workable.

Perhaps but with the shuttle disasters, the shuttle program was shuttered for quite a while to study the causes and the self examination by NASA and all contractors.
There was momentary discussion of never flying the shuttle again as well.

These oil folk seem to want to continue as before with no big changes. No pausing to check each of the rigs that are currently working off shore and consideration of what they do and if it should be allowed at all.

They have much political clout but seems that clout is fading quickly despite the millions they donate to political campaigns. Many Florida politicians have backed away from their Drill Baby Drill mantras(for now at least).

Let's hope those that can change things will disregard the "head in the sand" approach these oil folk have and continue to change America and the world to an economy that has little need for oil.

One things for sure, if this sunken oil rig was a wind tower, the damage to wildlife and humanity would be markedly less!!!!

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