May 9, 2010

Operation Free

We recently saw a parked bus at a local Orlando office complex. The artwork on the bus, which is traveling the country, heralded Operation Free.
Even after speaking to the participants of the bus tour we are still a bit confused on what this association is up to.

They list their goals as:
  • We need to get America running on clean energy.
  • Clean energy reduces our dependence on oil.
  • Oil ties our hands in foreign policy, funds terrorists, and entangles America with hostile regimes.
  • Our Federal government is considering legislation that promotes clean energy incentives, and people need to understand why this helps our security.
  • Getting energy that is CLEAN, DOMESTIC, CHEAP, and SAFE is going to take some real work, so we need to start now.
  • It’s our patriotic duty to do everything we can to keep our nation safe and secure: clean energy is one of those efforts.
Seems they are primarily former military folk who are criss crossing the country spreading a message of less reliance on foreign oil.
They made the point that their bus is powered by bio diesel.

In that they are ex military and some had served in the Middle East, they spoke of the danger of the military being unable to get power to transport their staff to the fighting arena with America's reliance on oft times un neighborly oil producers who may one day cut off our supply.

Here's a link to the basis for their concern

A large funder of the project appears to be the
Truman National Security Project

The website for Operation Free is here

It appears to be an honorable organization although sadly any not for profit(we assume) going around the country in a bus usually has the next election as it's basis. Hope that's not the case here and the message is genuine.

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