May 17, 2010

Tiny Houses

I remember the last time I went to Dallas. I was amazed how the builders in many subdivisions I passed had literally tried to build the home to fit the entire lot line. There was little if any yard left after the home was built.
Being a conservationist this sorta hurt me to the heart a bit since all that space would need to be heated and cooled and unless a single family has 5 kids a 4br 3 ba 5000 sq ft house covering the entire lot just seems like waste

Perhaps driven by the recession or the interest in being Green, there has been some press recently about very very small living spaces.
I saw a report on MSNBC's Entrepreneur show on Sunday about a few Sonoma County CA folks that have small living quarter companies.

Tiny House Design
is one such company where you can purchase plans to build your own home or if you are geographically near the company they will come build it for you.

Frankly even though we live small the size of these homes does seem very small but we are not in a large metro area so I am sure hi rise housing in Chicago or New York is not too different from this approach.

But the idea is a good one because every one whether some Hollywood starlet in a 10,000 sq ft home or some conservationist in a 500 sq ft home should need to justify to themselves why they require the space they use.

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