May 4, 2010

Water Saving Tip: Hands Freet Faucet

Another easy way to start saving water with your faucets is to install a hands free faucet. These faucets either have a sensor to detect when a body is in front of the faucet or have a valve that you can use your feet to push down and have the water flow out of the faucet.

You will never have to worry about faucets that don't completely turn off or having to turn on your faucet and turn it off. It's a simple convinence but once you get used to it there will be no turning back.

An added benefit of hands free faucet is less contact with germs & bacteria around the faucet. Because you would not be touching the faucet you are essentially going to be germ-free when you use the faucet.

The downside of hands free faucets can be their higher cost however if you are in the market for a new faucet then this is a great place for you to start saving water & lower your water bill.

Porter McNeil

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