Jun 23, 2010

Electric Cars and the Oil Spill

A good article in the FT today(6-23-10) about the relation between the scare of the oil spill and what it could do to oil prices and supply and the development of electric car transportation.

As much as we are against the petrol culture we find ourselves in, we all realize that alternatives are needed to wean off the oil. Electric Cars (EV) are certainly key to offering a logical alternative to oil powered cars especially for those driving within 100 miles of their home.

Here are some highlights:

-Lithium Ion Battery manufacturers prices are hot now on the stock market. Companies such as Polypore Intl, A123 Systems, and Ener1 have shown good performance recently

-Tesla the USA based EV manufacturer will attempt to raise money next week with an IPO

-Some analysts question this renewed interests in EV's since the range(miles per charge) of EV's is limited

We sadly do not hear EV autos pushed by the press as an alternative as we would hope. The launch of the Leaf by Nissan we are hoping will offer a more affordable EV alternative. The Tesla is an interesting approach to EV's but it is way too high priced for the average American. Believe Tesla will use some of  it's IPO money to produce more affordable models.

This is where a Kennedy style "Land on the Moon by a certain date" initiative is needed.
Someone, we assume President Obama, needs to construct a plan that realistically gets us off oil in 20 years. Key to this plan would be EV use within 100miles of the home

"Electric car sector gets charge from Oil Spill" FT.com 6-23-10 

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