Jun 6, 2010

Green Summer Reading for the Kids

Looking to keep the kids occupied for 2 1/2 months so their brains do not turn to gel.
How bout some reading on Green topics.
Never too early to start them out right on thinking about important topics that will affect us all as they age and administer the world.

This series of books is highly touted(although we have personally not read any yet)

May want to give them a look:

A Clean Sea: The Rachel Carson Story

celebrates the world's oceans and the creatures living within them and stresses the importance of keeping our waters clean. The accompanying DVD, Cartoon Sea, is a bright, colorful look at all kinds of sea life and echoes the need to keep the oceans free from pollution.

This book is one of a series that emphasizes the environment and the value of preserving it by depicting real people who provide inspirational role models.

A Clean Sky: The Global Warming Story

Here's a good review from Amazon:

"As a parent of a 14 year old, I feel this book would be a wonderful addition to the library of a Junior High School level science class. This book is very informative and would definately spark young minds to take action and would also be an excellent resourse to suggest science projects. Children these days are definately in tune with these global issues and this book provided some answers and suggestions on how we can help the state of our planet."

A Clean City: The Green Construction Story

A Clean City: The Green Construction Story by Robyn C. Friend and Judith Love Cohen was written to help our youngest generation learn how they can participate in helping to preserve our Earth. This book tells the exciting story of how architects and builders have been working hard to consider the impact on the environment and the need for sustainability (green architecture and green construction) that go into the choices made when a new building is designed. Green Construction and Architecture involves reduction in size, reuse of valuable resources and recycling of materials so that future generations will enjoy the Earth as we have.

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