Jun 21, 2010

US Green Building Council

What is it?
Is a non profit organization that is dedicated to transforming the marketplace to be the  most sustainable that it can be through LEED, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, Certification

Give an example:
We do certifications for new construction and renovation..for instance upgrading the air conditioning to be more efficient, so users can see energy or utility savings

Do LEED Certified Buildings get higher lease or sales price?
Developers have presented cases demonstrating their clients are interested in paying higher lease rates when they know they their utility bills will be lower

USGBC website

LEED info

We feel one of the large cornerstones of the continued success of the Green movement is if the savings can be monetized. As cost of electrical and water increase, LEED certifications should offer building developers and managers a dollar reason to focus on energy saving.

Portions of the above from Orlando Sentinel article May10,2010-CFB

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