Jun 19, 2010

Vestas Wind Power

Saw the CEO of Vestas Wind Power on Bloomberg tv last nite.

Vestas, based in Denmark, is the largest producer of wind turbines in the world.
Vestas website

He spoke of the benefit of using wind for long term energy planning. Although the power and direction of the wind does change many times a day, historical data for the installation site give a pretty good prediction of the amount of power that can be derived from the installation.

This predictability of wind compared to the unpredictability of oil and gas ventures which are tied into world supply and demand data, world wars, the price of gold and currencies, and of course oil spills.
 Also unlike other renewables it has many benefits. There is no waste like nuclear and no CO2 like biomass.

He did admit that wind can at this time be only one of many solutions needed to transition the world to a more alternative energy basis. And only certain areas have the consistent wind to make wind power profitable.

The great news is that the USA has the consistent wind location in many areas including the east coast seaboard and the central states.

He did mention one thing that gave us great satisfaction. He said that the young people he meets in his travels do not care about political party as much as about solutions. They want energy independence only and do not care how it is reached.

He spoke of the emergence of China as a large wind power producer.

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