Jun 18, 2010

Will the BP Spill Finally Change American Sentiment

Seeing a bit of the Congressional questioning of Tony Hayward I feel we are finally making a bit of progress in the awakening of the American public that oil is not our future.

Most were outraged by the Texas Congressman, Joe Barton, telling Mr Hayward that he feels BP was treated unjustly by the US Government in setting up a  $20billion Escrow fund. The fact that most were outraged and that the other Congresspeople all gave the BP CEO heck shows how much of an island Texas is on and how we were misdirected for the 8 Bush years while big oil ran our government.
(We personally think Al Gore is a bit pompous and a great self promoter but it is interesting to wonder how our reliance on oil would have played out had he been elected.)

 America did not seem to get it even after the invasion of Iraq just for oil BUT the pics of the oil stained penguins, the pleas of the Gulf area restauranteurs and hotel/motel owners over lost business, the fisherman and shrimpers who can not do their jobs seems to finally be resonating with the other 49 states save Texas.

But we need alternatives since Americans will not sadly cut their oil and gas consumption or change their lifestyles voluntarily.

We anxiously await and are very hopeful that the Nissan Leaf EV electric car will be a big hit.
It is pricey but it will be the first total alternative to oil and gas at the point of refill(yes the power to make the electricity might come from nat gas or maybe even oil).
Electric utilities say that they have the excess power to handle a large boost in EV use if it is done at certain times of the day.

Anything that will lessen the arrogance of these oil folks and the power of Texas oil machine over our lives should be a relief for us all

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