Jul 14, 2010

Be Green with Mechanical System Design and Installation

Being Green in Mechanical System Design and Implementation should include most of the following:

Low Energy Use:
     -High thermal efficiency
     -High distribution efficiency
     -Low or no standby heat loss
     -Interior comfort that reduces occupant-induced waste energy
     -Appropriate use of renewable energy

Long Equipment Life:
     -Minimal maintenance and simple serving
     -Reduces travel to/from installation site
     -Reduced installation energy(electric, temporary heat, soldering fuel)
     -Reduces use of expendables:
        Less soldering flux
        Less VOC emissions
        Less stripped wire insulation
       Less unusable lengths of tubing
       Less packaging materials to dispose of
       Less clean up of materials
       Less need of replacement of components

Environmental Stewardship:
    -Low emissions
    -Use of recyclable materials

by John Siegenthaler

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