Jul 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July

America is not perfect but it always keeps trying.

It still offers most people the ability to do what they want if they work hard enough.

A single mom of 4 kids can still go back and get her PhD in Economics or Genetic research if she wishes once all kids have moved on.

We can usually get at least 3 different views on most important subjects from print or tv.

Most have access to the web and all it offers even if there may be waits at the library to do this.

One can still see most of the geographical potentiality of the Earth by driving from shore to shore in the USA including Ocean, Swamp, High plain, Desert, High mountains, Piedmont, Rolling hills, and many more

Thankfully since we do not believe in Monarchy we do not have a Monarch to spend useless money on

So today just relax if you do not need to work and revel in the Best of America

Happy 4th!

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