Jul 7, 2010

New Yorkers-How to Beat the Heat

To our New York and Northeastern USA neighbors, living in the subtropics of central Florida we put up with the heat and humidity for about 5 months a year. Here are a few things we do everyday that might help you make it thru the heat wave:

1. Wear very light cotton clothing preferably in pale and white colors. Men ditch the tie, long sleeve shirt, and suit coat immediately. Women ditch the stockings or jeans.

2.Take a short nap in the afternoon-the Spanish countries have for years taken siestas in the heat of the day.

3.Fans allow you to raise the thermostat on the AC a few degrees at least since the real feel is more comfortable. Ceiling fans are good for winter and summer so if you do not have already consider.

4.Sorta gross but make sure your piss is clear. If it begins to get very yellow then you are not drinking enough water

5.Do your exercising early in the morning. Yes it is powerful humid then but always the coolest

6.Watch the pets-if you find it unbearable, you know they will too.

7.Put gallons of water in the freezer. That helps to keep the freezer colder and you can take out a gallon on occasion for very cold water.

8.Clean those air conditioning filters or get new. This really helps AC performance

9.Watch out for the elderly. Even if they have AC it may not be working at full bore. Call them and ask how they are doing a few times a day

10.Watch your car gauges for overheating-keep your radiator filled with fluid and remember "recirc" car AC gives the most cool air and the least gas burn.

Good luck--you'll make it. You're just living the life we live often
Very Best

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