Jul 26, 2010

To escape the Heat and the Recession read The Alchemist

If you are fed up with the hot temperatures and the recession this summer, please read(or listen to the audiobook as we did) the great novella "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho.

What a tremendous little book and a must read by everyone in the world.

Sure it has elements of Islam and Christianity which is relevant to today but it is a book on the art of the possible.

We all need a pick me up in these dire times and the travels of the young boy, his education, and transformation, and great love are all something we should yearn to copy.

I think it also is a possible allegory for a push for a more Green life and infrastructure by us all. If we could attain our "personal legend" of a society that reuses, recycles, and relies less on scarce commodities we would all be happier and stronger long term.

Here's the wikipedia link 

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