Aug 2, 2010

BP and Migratory Bird Laws

If you read our writing consistently, you will no doubt take away that we feel industry and really the consumers that use the finished product of industry should be penalized for damaging the non human lives of the Earth as a result of accidents by that industry.

This puts a bit of the weight of moral goodness on the species that feel they rule the world-ie man.

It seems that most law we read about has the human in mind. Guess that makes sense since the humans write the laws. But occasionally we see a law that considers the non human participants of the Earth.

One such law is the The Migratory Bird Treaty act and the Endangered Species Act.

It states that,
"The statute makes it unlawful to pursue, hunt, take, capture, kill or sell birds listed therein ("migratory birds"). The statute does not discriminate between live or dead birds and also grants full protection to any bird parts including feathers, eggs and nests. Over 800 species are currently on the list." wikipedia

Seems as if the US Justice Dept may use this law to gain penalty dollars from BP for the spill.

A NY Times blog states that
"Strict liability provisions like those included in the Refuse Act and Migratory Bird Treaty Act mean that BP and Transocean would be liable for any violation, regardless of whether it occurred accidentally or as a result of intentional misconduct."

We strongly believe that the first world countries with a moral compass ie America, Canada, northern Europe, Japan, etc should write more laws like this and make them binding for business throughout the world so that multi nationals cannot go trash the wildlife of a third world country so the residents of a first world country can enjoy a higher standard of life.

Sadly in this instance the trashing is of first world country the US by  the agent of another first world country BP

The Earth is such a special place and there is room for harmony between man and non man but man should be penalized for gross neglect to non man

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