Aug 26, 2010

Clean the World-Recycling Soap

At our monthly Green Network Group Meeting in August we were lucky to have Brett Smith, Corporate Relations Manager, for Clean the World.

Clean the World is a unique and forward thinking not-for-profit based here in Orlando.
The company collects partially used soap bars and shampoo bottles from the many hotels in this vacation mecca and refurbishes them to be used again by the homeless in the USA and to 3rd world country needy.

As many as 1 million soap bars are disposed of daily in the world. This partially used soap is then sent right to land fills with no further benefit to society.

The Clean the World founders realized this waste and seek to take advantage of the beauty of recycling.

They have already recycled 6 million bars.

The way it works is that the hotel pays a small fee for the service. The hotel collects the used soap(&shampoo bottles), puts them in a bin, and ship them to the Clean the World HQ in Orlando(although Clean the World does pick up in the Orlando area).

Clean the World then goes thru a  process to re manufacture the soap and make it reusable.

They then distribute via well known charities such as Worldvision to the needy throughout the world.

Clean the World has made quite an impact in Haiti after the horrible earthquake.

The most important affect of Clean the World's brilliance is the reduction of acute respiratory infection and diarrhea in third world countries by the use of hand soap in these areas.

Visit the Clean the World website to learn more. If you visit a hotel, you may ask them if they participate in the Clean the World system. If they do not, refer them to the Clean the World website and suggest they sign up.

Also Clean the World, being a not-for-profit, must continually raise monies to survive. If you are a large business looking to donate monies to fulfill your corporate charter, please contact Clean the World for opportunities.

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